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Live will soon be presenting the Live X5 Pro

A company that has distinguished itself amongst the multitude of Chinese smartphone makers is undoubtedly Living, which has been able to offer its customers truly quality products. Today we talk about this company because a network has been published a 'official teaser image in which the Vivo X5 Pro, updated version of the current medium range X5.


The interesting fact, however, is that, alongside the teaser, some leaked images emerged that seem to portray the future X5 Pro, revealing in part the design and the future hardware equipment. Although most of the technical card remains unchanged, it appears to be on board Vivo X5 Pro we will find some improvements. Among these are the 'audio HiFi, double loudspeaker placed on the bottom edge and one curved 2.5D screen. Unchanged, however, the amount of RAM that should remain of 2 GB, and the SOC which, as we know, is the powerful Snapdragon 615.

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Finally the software side: the Vivo X5 Pro will aboard the presence of Android Lollipop 5.0 with customization FunTouch, the custom ROM of Living which for the occasion updates the version 2.0.


Il Vivo X5 Pro, if the rumors about his technical data sheet are true, it will be a very good device, we only hope that Living does not decide, as unfortunately has already done before, to propose it to an excessive price. What do you think?



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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