A new WiFi vulnerability allows users to spy on their location and movements

Not long ago we talked about one WiFi vulnerability that allows you to see through walls. Unfortunately, technology always hides many mysteries and day after day the "flaws" are discovered, as they say in Rome. The last of these was discovered thanks to research done at the American Carnegie Mellon University. Specifically, it was discovered that using conventional WiFi routers, it is possible to track the location and movements of users in an environment.

Even more conventional WiFi routers can be adapted to spy on people. Here's what a recent research found

The researchers ofAmerican Carnegie Mellon University have tested a system that uses WiFi to determine the location and even posture of people in a room. The experiment involved a common TP-Link router and AI algorithms for signal analysis. A new WiFi vulnerability therefore, which would endanger the privacy of users. The technology is based on an assessment of the status of the Wi-Fi signal and the interference on its path. 

This data is processed by a neural network which, using computer vision technology, determines a person's location and location based on the interference "map" it creates. To simplify and speed up the creation of a 3D model, the researchers divided the image of a human silhouette into 24 segments.

wifi vulnerability spies on users

Subsequently, the images were transformed using a 3D grid, which coincided with the real position of the people in the room. Scientists have noticed an important advantage of this method over traditional cameras: it does not require lighting and is able to recognize the position of the body, even if there are objects in the room that block the view. Plus, this surveillance method doesn't require expensive equipment—a $30 pair of routers is all you need.

The researchers admit that the human tracking method they developed still needs to be improved, so there is still no talk of its commercial use. In the future, the new technology could also be useful in everyday life, for example as part of an alarm system to detect illegal entry into a house. But there are also those who can take advantage of it for purposes that are anything but lawful.

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