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Xiaomi 13T Pro: the DxOMark verdict arrives

Lo Xiaomi 13t pro it is the latest flagship from the Chinese brand which, judging by the posters, focuses heavily on photography. But how does it perform in terms of photo quality in the real world? To find out, the site DxOMark subjected the Xiaomi 13T Pro to a series of extensive tests, evaluating its performance in photos, videos and zooms from an end-user perspective. In this article we report the most important results of this analysis.

Xiaomi 13T Pro: the DxOMark verdict arrives


The Xiaomi 13T Pro got a overall score of 131 in the Camera category, ranking 36th in the global ranking and 3rd place in the premium devices ranking. It's an achievement 8 points higher than the Xiaomi 13T, despite both phones featuring the same photography hardware. The differences were especially noticeable in color rendering, in terms of white balance and reproduction of skin tones.

The Xiaomi 13T Pro got a score of 135 in the Photo category, thanks to good exposure in different light conditions, good noise control in photos and videos, generally fast and accurate focusing for videos and good detail retention in indoor and outdoor environments. However, the device showed some weaknesses when shooting documents, the presence of artifacts in portrait mode, slight inaccuracy of skin rendering and inaccurate representation of colors in night mode.


The 13T Pro got a score of 98 in the Zoom category, thanks to its 50MP telephoto camera with a 50mm equivalent focal length and its 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera with a 15mm equivalent focal length. The device offered good zoom quality in both high and low light conditions, but suffered from some autofocus issues and visible artifacts.

Finally, the Xiaomi 13T Pro got a score of 134 in the Video category, thanks to good motion stabilization, good color rendering in outdoor conditions, a low noise level in moving objects and good detail preservation. However, the device showed some shortcomings in harsh exposure conditions, skin rendering and motion residual observable in outdoor walking scenarios.

In conclusion, the 13T Pro is a smartphone that offers good photographic quality in different situations and that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding users. If you want to learn more about the results of the tests carried out by DxOMark, you can consult the their article, where you will also find many examples of photos and videos taken with the device

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