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Xiaomi 67W Desktop Fast Charging Socket Pro is the new power strip that powers the entire desk

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has just launched a new product that promises to change the way we charge our electronic devices, lo Xiaomi 67W Desktop Fast Charging Socket Pro. The product is now crowdfunding in China and is a desktop accessory that offers a versatile and powerful charging solution.

Xiaomi 67W Desktop Fast Charging Pro is the new power strip that powers our entire desk

Xiaomi 67W Desktop Fast Charging Socket Pro

The Xiaomi 67W Desktop Fast Charging Socket Pro presents itself as an accessible solution for those looking for efficiency and practicality. This product integrates seven main interfaces, which include three AC power outlets and with a total power of 2500W, capable of supporting household appliances up to 10A. Furthermore, it has two USB-C interfaces, one dedicated to the rapid charging of devices such as smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks, and the other, an interface that supports charging, data transmission and audio/video expansion. A'USB-A interface is designed for data transmission and charging of low-power devices, while aHDMI interface supports monitors and televisions.

A distinctive aspect of this Xiaomi power strip is the integrated intelligent chip, which dynamically allocates the output power based on the connected device, supporting the charging of devices with different power levels and preventing damage caused by overcharging. As standard equipment, the product includes a 0.9 meter data cable that supports fast charging, audio/video signal expansion and data transmission. The device supports Xiaomi 67W flash charging and fast charging protocols such as PD3.0/2.0, QC3.0/2.0, FCP, AFC, Apple 2.4A and BC1.2.

From a transmission perspective, the device supports 4K@60Hz high definition resolution and USB 3.0 high speed transmission protocol. As for expansion capabilities, the product supports USB hard disk, mice, keyboards and other adapters, thus meeting a variety of needs from efficient office to home entertainment.

Finally, security is a priority for Xiaomi, and the 67W Desktop Fast Charging Socket Pro is equipped with eight built-in safety protections, including over-voltage, over-current, over-power, interference, under-voltage and electrostatic protection, thus ensuring safe and reliable use.

The device will be sold in China at the price of 185 Yuan, around 24 euros at the current exchange rate.

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