Xiaomi Carrobot HUD presented: Head Up Display for your car

Xiaomi has just presented perhaps one of the most intriguing gadgets of all time, in fact we talk about a HUD for cars.

The acronym HUD stands for Head Up Display, or head-up viewer and it is born from the need of the pilots of airplanes to succeed in visualizing the various information of flight with the least possible distraction. The HUD was then adopted by video games to show all the various game details, such as character life, remaining bullets, etc.

Xiaomi Carrobot HUD presented: Head Up Display for your car

Xiaomi Carrobot HUD Bluetooth

Well, in recent years this technology has increasingly expanded in the automotive world, we see it in some cars of a certain value, even if at the end of the day the technology is not in itself complicated or expensive.

In any case, starting from today we will no longer have to buy a car with this technology on board, but we can add it thanks to the Xiaomi Carrobot HUD.

Xiaomi Carrobot HUD Bluetooth

The new Xiaomi gadget allows you to view all the necessary information directly on the dashboard in front of us, keeping an eye on the road. On this transparent display it will be possible to check the car speed, fuel consumption, water temperature, navigation system, speed limit and much more. We specify however that all this information will be available only if we connect the HUD to the OBD socket of our car, otherwise it is obviously not possible to show them.

The design of the Xiaomi device adopts a low profile to waste as little space as possible and not clutter the view. The construction is in a mixture of polycarbonate and ABS resistant to high temperatures, so even under the sun there will be no shape changes and no loss of color due to UV rays.

Xiaomi Carrobot HUD Bluetooth

On board the HUD screen we find a light sensor that adjusts the power of the light beam according to the external lighting conditions. So during the day the maximum power will be used to make it visible under the sun, while the night will work the minimum. In any case, it is possible to adjust everything through the application on a smartphone to which it is possible to connect it via Bluetooth.

Carrobot's product is also fan-less, ie without fans and therefore does not produce any noise. In order not to overheat the device, an oxidized aluminum alloy was used as a heat sink, and we have module lighting with a decentralized structure. This allows you to dissipate about 2-3 times more heat than HUD devices from other brands.

Xiaomi Carrobot HUD Bluetooth

As we said before, the HUD can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, thanks to this connection it is possible to use the device as a voice assistant. The assistant also uses an advanced word recognition system, with an accuracy of 97%, at least in China. This can then be used to ask for directions, call, start music, check the weather and much more.

Xiaomi Carrobot HUD Bluetooth

Lo Xiaomi Carrobot HUD is now in the crowdfunding campaign in China at the 399 Yuan figure, around 50 €.

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