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The Xiaomi evolution: from the dawn of MIUI to 6 GB of RAM!

With this short article, we want to briefly review the history of Mi and MIUI, a lightweight operating system and much appreciated by non-possessors of a Xiaomi.

Ever-known for its innovations and high-value-for-money, Xiaomi has always provided smartphone audiences with exceptional quality with long-lasting and long-lasting software support.


August 2011 - Xiaomi Mi 1

The story of the series I was born in the far 2011. Ben 6 years ago, the Xiaomi Mi 1 was presented with the beauty of 1 GB of RAM memory! Eh eh, at the time it was an avant-garde device with the competitors' hardware specifications.

xiaomi-evolution-miui-ram-history-mi 1- miui 3


And on Mi 1 was presented the MIUI 3. Minimal software, for what was really a first device of its kind but already absolutely reliable.


August 2012 - Xiaomi Mi 2

At exactly one year since the launch of the first Mi, Xiaomi presents Mi 2. A very appealing and public-friendly device: the MIUI 4 and a RAM of well 2 GB made it really a best-buy ... but still today there are those who continue to appreciate the features!

xiaomi-evolution-miui-ram-history-mi 2- miui 4


September 2013 - Xiaomi Mi 3

We have to wait poco more than a year to see the third generation of the Mi series born. The characteristic fluo colors, criticized as never before for the extreme similarity with Nokia's Lumia series, made it clear to Xiaomi that an aesthetic identity would be needed to allow the user to recognize his smartphones and to be able to say "Ah, but that's a Xiaomi! ".

xiaomi-evolution-miui-ram-history-mi 3- miui 5


No evolution of RAM quantity on the Mi 3, but exclusively a new version of MIUI that passed to the fifth generation, showed the caution of the Chinese brand.


June 2014 - Xiaomi Mi 4

It was maybe a half flop on the Mi 3, but it is that Xiaomi did not even expect 12 months to give light to the next generation. We 4 came to great style and continues to be appreciated both in aesthetics and performance. You go to stain-resistant steel to finish it and to MIUI 6 to make it effective in performance. RAM Memory on Mi 4 makes a big step forward, reaching the 3 GB and allowing the device to be seen as a long-lasting and projected smartphone for the future.

xiaomi-evolution-miui-ram-history-mi 4- miui 6


February 2016 - Xiaomi Mi 5

To witness the success of Mi 4, there is time. The time between the launch of Mi 4 and the magnificent pump presentation of the very special Mi 5.

After 19 months of expectations, revelations and apprehensions, Xiaomi presents what would be the company's leap in terms of performance and constructive quality. The term "black technology" was also used to define the production process that would allow Xiaomi to mold ceramic glass in order to present Mi 5 Ceramic Black.

xiaomi-evolution-miui-ram-history-mi 5-ceramic-miu 7


Give me a whiff of nostalgia. This is where my personal journey started in the Xiaomi world, but I will not go on this aspect that might be boring to the most.

MIUI evolution, not appreciated by everyone, and a RAM memory that reaches the 4 GB on the top model. With Mi 5 you start to see Xiaomi's strategy to aim higher and higher!


April 2017 - Xiaomi Mi 6

We come to the present day. Mi 6. Perhaps the most complete device ever made by Xiaomi which continues, after 6 years, not to neglect the price issue. 6 GB of RAM and, again for poco, MIUI 8 make Xiaomi Mi 6 a phone to be appreciated in everyday life both for construction materials and for performance.

xiaomi-evolution-miui-ram-story-mi 6 miu 8


The price of Mi 6 is surely the most competitive of all the flagships on the market today. We would like to remind you, among other things, that on our site you can find many offers regarding the new Xiaomi 6!

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