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Xiaomi is preparing to launch its first foldable clamshell smartphone

Xiaomi, the well-known Chinese smartphone maker, is about to enter the smartphone market clamshell folding with a new device that could compete with the Motorola Razr and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The phone, which does not yet have an official name, has been the subject of various reports and today renders were leaked showing its design and features.

Xiaomi is preparing to launch its first foldable clamshell smartphone

Xiaomi flip shell

According to images released by a Chinese blogger, Xiaomi's foldable phone will have a horizontally arranged triple rear camera at the top, and a large secondary screen at the bottom. The secondary screen could be used to view notifications, control music or take selfies. The inside of the phone will have a narrow-edged single-hole screen, which will fold vertically in the center.

Xiaomi's foldable phone seems to have a recognizable, but not very elegant look. However, it's just a render based on a previously leaked perspective, and it's not necessarily true to the final product. Hopefully, Xiaomi can improve the aesthetics of the phone before the official launch.

Xiaomi's foldable phone could be one of the first to challenge the dominance of Motorola and Samsung in the clamshell phone segment. Motorola has recently launched its Razr 40, which drove the price of foldable phones to a new low of 3999 yuan (about 530 euros), at least in China. Samsung, on the other hand, presented its Galaxy Z Flip 3, which offers performance and advanced features at a price of 999 euros.

Xiaomi is known for offering quality smartphones at competitive prices, and it could do the same with its foldable phone. It is estimated that the price of the phone will not be too high, and could attract many consumers interested in trying this new technology.

As for the release times, there is no precise information on when Xiaomi's foldable phone will be available on the market. The phone is speculated to be unveiled later this year or early next year.

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Pierpaolo Figuccia

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1 year ago

In the flip there is also Oppo which is enjoying some success. Let's see next month with Samsung's new Z Flip 5.