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Xiaomi is bringing its first microwave oven to Italy

Xiaomi has plenty of useful products for the kitchen: starting with large ones Mijia air fryers up to the most small 3.5L. Yet to date the Chinese company has never brought a microwave oven to Italy. Today, however, I bring you some wonderful news: the Xiaomi's first microwave oven it is coming to us and nothing less than the European conformity certification anticipates it.

The first Xiaomi microwave oven is arriving in Italy

According to the data in the above document, Xiaomi's microwave oven is arriving in Italy in the next few months. It could debut on the Global market even during MWC 2024 on the occasion of presentation of new products for the smart home and IoT. Or the launch of the first microwave oven could be postponed for some time, making us wait half a year. In short, the debut period is uncertain but we at least know what it will be like. Here is the image:

xiaomi microwave oven white
data relating to the Xiaomi microwave oven arriving in Italy

Unfortunately, the certification does not report specifications and technical details of the Xiaomi microwave oven, but by looking at the first model we can get an idea. In fact, this model we see in the photo is the model MWB010-2A while the first is the final 1A. Returning to the characteristics, the microwave oven should have a power of approximately 1100W and an energy consumption of 700W. By eye, the capacity should be around 20lt. For the rest, we find two white knobs on the right: one for the temperature and one for the heating time. Below, a button to open the door.

The microwave oven in question it should not integrate smart functions as a recipe book or pre-established cooking programs. If this were the case, it should at least have a screen or a program selector which we cannot see.

We await official news from the company to understand how much it will cost and when the first Xiaomi microwave oven will be released in Italy

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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