Xiaomi Head Theater presented: The portable cinema from 954 inches

When we thought we had finished the week with i two products presented yesterday, here is that Xiaomi arrives with one of the most interesting gadgets of the last days, at least for cinema lovers. We are talking about the new Xiaomi Head Theater, which as the name suggests is precisely a cinema simulator to wear on the head.

Xiaomi Head Theater presented: The portable screen from 954 inches

Xiaomi Head Theater Xiaomi Head-Mounted Theater

Let's start with the relatively more important specification: the size of the display. The Xiaomi Head Theater equips 2 LCD screens from 2,54 inches Full HD independent, on each display will then be shown slightly modified images to obtain an 3D effect (as for virtual reality). In fact, on this Xiaomi headset it will be possible to watch 3D movies without needing special glasses, just find a compatible movie and play it. This technology called synchronous display also serves to synchronize the two displays so as to avoid any dizziness.

Xiaomi Head Theater Xiaomi Head-Mounted Theater

The screens then have a viewing angle (FOV) of 63 degrees, simulating the screen that we find at the cinema at a comfortable distance. Specifically, the system of screens together with special lenses can simulate a screen of well 954 inches (yes, you read that right) seen from a distance of about 20 meters. In this case a technology called Adaptive Optics is used for a distance between the pupils ranging from 58,5 to 68,5 millimeters. For users with glasses, until the interpupillary distance is included in the range just mentioned it will be possible to use them, moreover the glasses size must be less than 150mm.

Xiaomi Head-Mounted Theater

The rest of the internal hardware includes an Allwinner VR9 processor, 2GB of RAM LPDDR3 and 16GB of internal memory expandable up to 256GB through the microSD slot, there is also an OTG port to connect an additional USB pen. We then have WiFi b / g / n, Bluetooth 4,2, an 3,5mm audio jack and a weight of 375 grams. The headset supports video in both 3D and 2D formats and can play videos with 4K resolution and 60fps.

Xiaomi Head Theater Xiaomi Head-Mounted Theater

If you do not want to use a memory card or USB stick, the device carries with it the same operating system that we find on the Xiaomi Mi TV, or MIUI TV with the Patchwall screen to have all the favorite contents easily accessible (at least in China). In any case, there is always the possibility to send video in casting from your smartphone with Android or iOS and even from your PC with Windows and Mac.

Finally, the materials used include breathable and skin-friendly fabrics, which therefore should not cause irritation. The main part is made of plastic, with the headband in elastic fiber. While for autonomy Xiaomi states that thanks to the 3000mAh battery we can expect 3 hours of use.

Xiaomi Head-Mounted Theater casting

The Xiaomi Head Theater is now in presale in China on the official Xiaomi website at 999 Yuan, around 130 euros.

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Marco Tecno

The idea is excellent and certainly not new. But ... the implementation does not seem to me up to par. Display too small, resolution too low (sure the screendoor effect, where you see the lines between the pixels).

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