Xiaomi Mi 65W GaN Fast Charger Dual-Port: compact charger now with double port

The Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has just launched Xiaomi Mi 65W GaaN Fast Dual-Port Charger with a price of 149 yuan, about 20 euros at the exchange rate, the same price as the previous one version with single door.

Xiaomi Mi 65W GaN Fast Charger Dual-Port: compact charger now with double port

The charger can provide charging power identical to that of the original charger for the Xiaomi Mi 11, so as to recharge the battery to 100% in 45 minutes. At the same time, the 65W Xiaomi GaN Charger (1A1C) can also provide fast charging for the iPhone 12, to charge up to 60% in 30 minutes.

In terms of design, the accessory has a total volume of only 69 cm³, which is 23% smaller than the 65W fast charging charger included by Xiaomi. The dimensions are 31x31x71,8 mm (not counting the plug). In any case, the charger adopts a foldable plug design to save additional space.

As for the technical data instead, the power of the USB Type-C port can go up to 65 W when it is operated alone and the USB Type-A port can go up to 18 W. While if you use both at the same time we arrive to a maximum of 45W for the USB Type-C port and 18W for the USB Type-A port.

Xiaomi Mi 65W GaN Fast Charger Dual-Port

It is worth mentioning that the 65W USB TYpe-C port can be used to charge high-power devices such as Xiaomi notebook and MacBook Pro. Of course, the charger can also intelligently identify the output current, as well as iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices, it can charge Android smartphones and game consoles.

From a security point of view, the Xiaomi Mi 65W GaN Fast Charger Dual-Port adopts an imported chip solution to support 8 major safety measures including output overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, overtemperature protection and overvoltage protection, which serves to improve charging efficiency while ensuring safety.

Finally, the package contains a Xiaomi USB Type-C to USB Type-C data cable with an integrated E-Marker chip, which supports a maximum current of 5A for a cable length of 1,5 meters, so that it can meet the requirements. needs of multiple scenarios such as playing and reloading simultaneously.

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