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Xiaomi Mi 6C could arrive before Christmas ... with a hidden surprise!

During the last few weeks nothing has been said about the new ones Xiaomi Redmire 5 e Redmi 5 Plus. In fact all that has been revealed is a new series devoted to the Indian world, and why not even Western: the new series Redmi Y. Despite rumors, then, how the new can be announced by Christmas Redmi Note 5, rumors today speak exclusively of a variation of the top rated range of 5,15 Xiaomi inches: the We are 6C.

xiaomi mi5c sea pine processor

During 2017 Xiaomi had announced the "lite" version of his Mi 5, but dedicating it to the oriental world despite the important presentation of the first self-produced processor. In fact, if you remember, the We are 5C presented the CPU Surge S1 which, however, was complemented by an integrated modem that did not guarantee European users to exploit the 3G bands. As users have been waiting for updates, the only way to appreciate the potential - in my opinion, unexpressed - of the We are 5C here again, it is still time to unlock the bootloader and install by accepting navigate at a significantly lower speed compared to the classic 3G, in the absence of 4G network.


Also in the course of this year the news was spread that Xiaomi was developing the second generation of the proprietary processor, the Surge S2. It was first given to him as certain on board My Notes 3, news then denied by official means, but now you would see it well on board the"lite" edition of the 6 Mi.

What emerged from the latest news?

What we know is that the production of Surge S2 it should have started in Q3 2017, but the information turns out to be to say the least poco contradictory in this regard: as far as it would be, as it is legitimate to assume, of one less performing version of that standard, the Surge S2 was imagined as a SoC to 10 nm comparable to a Snapdragon 835.


But instead of the most credible indiscretions, the new one Surge S2 would look more like one SD 652, with manufacturing process a 16 nm and consists of 4 Cortex cores A73 to 2.2 GHz and 4 cores Cortex A53 to 1.8 GHz. In fact, this information that is certainly more truthful than the previous one, joins the indiscretion according to which the next We are 6C could be one My 6Xa full screen display and a 18 ratio: 9 between dimensions.

Obviously we do not feel like confirming one piece of news rather than another because, in our humble opinion, in the absence of information at least unofficial, these turn out to be poco more than bar chat ... but when it comes to new smartphones dreaming never hurts!


Marco Rossano
Marco Rossano

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