Xiaomi Mi 7: confirm the presence of the wireless charging system

After the indiscretion on the use of the Snapdragon 845 chipset, Xiaomi continues to provide details about the highly anticipated flagship Mi 7, confirming this time, through its official WeChat channel, that the Mi 7 will be equipped with wireless charging technology.

Xiaomi Mi 7: confirm the presence of the wireless charging system

The Chinese company has confirmed that the IDT (Integrated Device Technology), based in the United States, will provide the wireless charging module for its next flagship phone. The exact price for each module is not known, but a common configuration is available for purchase at a price of about $ 5. IDT has several wireless charging modules in the catalog, ranging from single direction 3 watts to bidirectional 15 watts, but there is no confirmation of the specific model that will be available on Xiaomi Mi 7.

We know for sure that it will support the wireless charging standard Qi, thanks to the fact that, about three months ago, Xiaomi had joined the consortium Wireless Power, which made it clear what the standard would be. According to leaked rumors, Xiaomi Mi 7 with wireless charging will go into production from February this year.

In addition to the wireless charging module, Xiaomi will also provide IDT for its RF products. From this we can deduce that the wireless antennas of the alleged Mi 7 would be completely compatible with the wireless bands of the United States. Furthermore, the above could suggest that Xiaomi Mi 7 could be the company's first leading phone to be available through carriers in the United States.

Xiaomi Mi 7: confirm the presence of the wireless charging system

At the moment, the official Xiaomi website reports various company accessories, but none of the phones made in Beijing

is present on it. Its phones, unlocked, are available to consumers in the United States only through other channels, such as Amazon, Newegg and GearBest. Just as Huawei plans to extend its presence in US territories by launching the flagship Mate 10 phone through US carriers, Xiaomi may also plan to make its phones available through mobile operators based in the United States starting from the 7 Mi.

Returning to the world of rumors, recent rumors have suggested that Xiaomi could launch Mi 7 and Mi 7 Plus simultaneously (March 2018). From the rumors so far emerged, the 7 Mi should count on an 18: 9 display from 5,6 inches while the Mi 7 Plus should propose a screen always 18: 9 but with a diagonal greater than 6,01 inches. At the battery level, the energy would be ensured by 3.200 mAh and 3.500 mAh batteries respectively. To support the already mentioned Snapdragon 845 would be provided 6 GB of RAM for both versions. Even the photographic department should be revolutionized, thanks to the adoption of the dual rear camera assisted by Artificial Intelligence.

Soon to talk about prices, but the numbers that run on the network suggest that the two smartphones will be positioned between the 415 and 460 $.

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3 years ago

I'm not interested in wireless charging, until it is also remote. Instead, cameras assisted by AI could finally represent the quantum leap for cheap Chinese smartphones compared to the usual € 1000 brands (despite battery problems and strange various bugs 🙂)

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