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Xiaomi Mi TV Bar officially presented

Xiaomi Mi TV 3 was not the only surprise yesterday | Xiaomi Mi TV 3 officially presented |. Remaining in multimedia entertainment, the pair was made with the new Xiaomi Mi TV Bar, which is essentially a unique product as it combines the power of a Mini PC with the utility of a sound bar.

Xiaomi Mi TV Bar (3)

In fact, the Xiaomi Mi TV Bar is designed to make sure that even those who do not have the latest generation Smart TV and especially those who do not have a Smart TV at all can have the most modern technology at the lowest possible cost. Instead of buying a modern Smart TV, you can only purchase the Xiaomi Mi TV Batr at the cost of 999 RMB which, at the current exchange rate, are equivalent to approximately 140 Euros.

Xiaomi Mi TV Bar (1)

Of course, you can also decide to buy both the Xiaomi Mi TV 3 for 700 euros and use the Xiaomi Mi TV Bar only as a soundbar. But coming to technical information, the Xiaomi Mi TV Bar is equipped with:

  • Bass speaker - 2.5 inches x 4 个
  • Tweet -20 core dome tweeter x 2 个
  • Frequency - 60-22000Hz
  • Input Interface - WiFi / AV / AUX in 3.5mm stereo / HDMI / MI PORT

Xiaomi Mi TV Bar

By going to analyze the components that make this SMART product we find:

  • CPU - Mstar 6A928, Quad-core 1.4GHz Cortex-A17
  • GPU - Mali-760 MP4, 4 + 4-core
  • RAM - 2GB Three-channel DDR3
  • Flash Memory - 8GB eMMC 5.0

Other features to be mentioned are:

  • Operating System: Android 5.1 Lollipop;
  • Video playback: 4K to 60 fps in H.265 format
  • Materials: completely made of metal
  • Price: 999 RMB (140 euro)

In conjunction with the Xiaomi Mi TV Bar can also be purchased Xiaomi Mi Subwoofer which further increases audio quality. It is available at the cost of 599 RMB. Obviously both of these products are only available in China.

Xiaomi Mi Subwoofer


via | Xiaomi Fans Italia

Simone Rodriguez
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