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Lei Jun: NOA autonomous driving will arrive on the Xiaomi SU7 this summer

Xiaomi, the well-known technological giant, is making giant strides in the field of autonomous driving. Founder Lei Jun recently declared that Xiaomi's goal is to enter the first echelon of intelligent driving system manufacturers by 2024. This ambition is concretely manifested in the SU7 series from Xiaomi, which supports the advanced driving assistance system NOA (Navigate on Autopilot) for both high-speed driving and valet parking.

Lei Jun: NOA autonomous driving will arrive on the Xiaomi SU7 this summer

Xiaomi NOA

The NOA system, developed specifically for urban environments, promises to revolutionize the driving experience thanks to functions such as automatic lane changing, overtaking, intelligent following of the vehicle in front and automatic parking. These features are intended to make driving not only safer but also more relaxing for drivers.

Lei Jun highlighted that the opening of nationwide urban NOA is scheduled for August, a milestone that marks a significant step towards the adoption of autonomous driving technologies in complex urban contexts. The NOA system uses control modules such as data processing components, radar, cameras and GPS navigation integrated into the vehicle system. It also uses lidar to scan the vehicle's surroundings in real time, gathering information about speed, road signs, distance to the vehicle in front and more, to plan the driving route in real time.

Xiaomi SU7 internal photos

The Xiaomi SU7 series has already passed a series of urban pilot tests, addressing challenges such as unprotected right turns at intersections, right turns at complex T-junctions, respecting pedestrians at crosswalks, and carefully passing at intersections, including other. These tests demonstrated the system's ability to adapt to varied and often unpredictable traffic situations.

Launching the urban NOA for SU7 series, Xiaomi will not only improve the travel experience for car owners, but also significantly contribute to the development of the smart car industry.

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