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Xiaomi new destination for expansion: Africa

As we all know, the leading Chinese company, it has as its main goal expanding towards markets that are constantly growing.

After, the excellent result found in India with the distribution of their own products and recently through the opening of the first plants of direct production, Xiaomi, is trying to get in African market who lives a condition of steady growth and it can represent an excellent opportunity of development.




For Forbes, the countries africa where the Xiaomi tip to the expansion are fifty!

The Chinese manufacturer aims at collaboration, as happened in precedence with Foxconn for Brazil or Redington for India, with a local network or that Africa Limited which will serve as an aid for the sale of smartphones Xiaomi through the creation of shops physical and online. Will this be the real key to success?

certainly a plan well-structured that could take the lead already since September!




The Xiaomi you will not have easy life in it AfricaIn fact, poco time ago, Google, has started the expansion of the program Android One right in this country

It will be a challenge at the most competitive prices on the market? We'll see. Now all that remains is to wait for updates on the future trade in Africa, and hope in the expansion in Europe, how many of you are waiting anxiously?


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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