Xiaomi Petbit is the locator for your four-legged friend

Pets and pets are a blessing and among the most popular in the world there is him, the dog, defined as the best friend of man. But the animal instinct is still present and it often happens that during a walk your lover runs away chasing a squirrel or something that has captured his bestial attention. So you find yourself having to search your dog in every meander but fortunately Xiaomi comes to meet us with a really smart gadget, that is Petbit, a GPS locator with many functions, proposed on the platform of crowdfunding at the price of 199 yuan (about 26 euros) with start of expeditions to date 24 July.

Xiaomi Mi A2 4 / 64Gb Global
Xiaomi Mi A2 4 / 64Gb Global

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Dimensions equal to 50,4 x 46 x 18,3 mm and a weight of 26 grams including a battery whose specifications have not yet been issued unless it is able to last up to 30 days, thanks to an integrated energy saving able to detect the movement of the case according to the NB-IoT technology. The autonomy is calculated considering the monitoring of your dog and the activities for about 2,3 Km daily while the recharge is via micro USB cable. Position tracking is provided by a GPS sensor / Beidou / Beidou WiFi for better accuracy and reception of the information detected. The internal algorithm was generated by studying over 200 dog breeds, analyzing their physiological habits, which led to the integration in Xiaomi Petbit a function capable of monitor the "sport" activity of your dog, ie duration of movement, distance traveled and calories burned.

The monitoring of the position of our animal takes place in real time and once localized the system will also provide us with the shortest way to go and get it back. In addition, the app provided allows you to receive asound alarm in case of removal of the dog but the extraordinary thing is the social function integrated into the application.


Xiaomi Petbit is the locator for your four-legged friend

In fact it is possible to create a social network with other animal owners by associating the QR Code on the front of Xiaomi Petbit. This will allow record the data of your dog and yours so that if someone finds it before you can contact you via the application. Furthermore it is possible once created the social network, view the position of the "friends" puppies in order to make them socialize by giving you appointment at a meeting point. Another very useful gem is the small blue LED light integrated into the gadget, which allows us to see at a glance our dog even in the dark.

Complete the specifications IPX7 certification, so waterproofness of the product guaranteed up to 30 minutes with depth of 1 water meter, but also a anti UV coating able to preserve the ABS material from aging, yellowing and fading resulting from sunlight. Available in black and white, the Xiaomi Petbit will solve many of your problems. What do you think?

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