"Xiaomi Photography Challenge": rewards up to 10.000 dollars

In conjunction with the release of the 3 Mi Mix, Xiaomi has decided to give life to a global contest where all the fans can challenge each other with photographs. It will be a coincidence that this challenge was born with the presentation of the aforementioned telephone which, to date, is among the best as regards the characteristics of the photographic sector?

Briefly it is a large-scale contest to which all users of a any Xiaomi device They can participate. You take a picture, enter the site and expect the vote that will be made by all the fans of the world who will decide to vote.

xiaomi photography challenge contest photo global challenge

Modalities, rules and prizes

First of all there is to know that the contest is open to everyone except for those who live in China (we are lucky, because they are so many!).

The challenge is started the 25 October, the December 6 will end and is divided into three main moments:

  • the first phasewhich will last 25 22 from October to November, will basically consist of upload photos su this site under the chosen category and enter relevant information. The contest categories are 4: "Natural look","Piece of the world","Dreamscaper"And"Why so serious". The photos that 3 likes will receive will pass to the second phase;
  • the second phasewhich will last from the 23 26 November, will consist of one qualification of 25 people each group (100 people in total); this qualification will be done through professional judges that will examine the photos;
  • the third phasewhich will last 27 6 from November to December, will be the voting phase in which all the fans will vote for their favorite photos on the site.

The requirements to participate in the contest are:

  • the photos must be taken exclusively from a Xiaomi device and must not be "retouched" by photo editing;
  • all photos uploaded must contain the EXIF information (no fear, it is a series of information and data on the shot just made that the device normally saves automatically);
  • the "weight" of the photos must be between the 300KB and the 10MB;
  • the maximum number of photos per participant are 6;
  • if a participant is selected among the first 100, he will be required to provide proof of purchase of the Xiaomi smartphone used to take the selected photo and some personal information to prepare the final stage.

And now the information everyone was waiting for, the prizes. Let's state that it is not a recent contest and you will have the proof now:

  • Prizes: the first place in each category will receive a $ 10.000 prize;
  • II prize: the second place in each category will receive a 2000 dollars prize;
  • III prize: the third place in each category will receive a prize of 500 dollars.

So the final jackpot is from dollars 50.000, as we see from the photo above. So there is no wait: everyone to practice and make beautiful pictures as if we had a camera in his hands!

In addition to the economic importance of the award, this event has a characteristic that can not be overlooked: it is a challenge made by fans for fans. We have always said that they are important for Xiaomi but this is the proven proof that this is so.

And you will participate in this challenge? Please let us know in the comments and, why not, if it is not prohibited by rules that we strongly recommend to read, in the comments also put the photo with which you have decided to participate.

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