Xiaomi also enters the Metaverse, but in a different way

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Yes, too Xiaomi is interested in the Metaverse. On our portal dedicated to 360-degree technology we have dealt with the discourse of Metaverse. We know where it came from, what it is but not how it will evolve over time. This will only be known by technology companies that decide to focus on the project mentioned Meta (formerly Facebook) will be a pioneer. But what does it matter Xiaomi in this story? It seems that in a different way she too has decided to take a few steps in this wonderful world. Let's go see the details.

The Metaverse this (un) known ... we talk about it a lot in the last period but what is it? And why did Xiaomi decide to enter the Metaverse?

According to Chinese sources, one of the last Xiaomi projects it's about the Metaverse. A real universe but digital in nature. To "command" this reality will be, precisely, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. But what does it consist of? Who saw Ready Player One or read the novels of Neal stephenson, he will surely know that within this virtual reality everyone can live some kind of life parallel. By creating a personal avatar and traveling the entire Metaverse far and wide. But it will be necessary buy something in such Metaverse and Xiaomi comes to our aid.

xiaomi think of the metaverse: here is the payment platform vr
The patent was translated with the help of Google Lens

Xiaomi's project concerning the metaverse consists, according to the patent extract, in one virtual payment platform. Virtual yes, but not fake, but real. According to the data in our possession, the Chinese company is preparing a system that allows users to pay within the virtual world. Like? Using the smartphone and viewer per augmented reality. The details have not been revealed, but we think that thanks to a voice command or a movement of our avatar it will be possible to make purchases.

It goes without saying that this project cannot be carried out by Xiaomi if it does not enter the world of cryptocurrency. It was talked about long ago but it was denied. However, if the Metaverse takes hold, it is inevitable that the crypto world will become tied to it. Already today there are cryptocurrencies that can be used in the virtual world such as The Sandbox o Decentraland (mana)

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