Xiaomi QuickNews: Presented the new Yeelight Mini / Here is the innovative Xiaomi cat litter / 70mai is the gadget that monitors the pressure of your tires

Continue our section on 3 news on the Xiaomi brand. We will not make words, we will be quick and we will score as a sniper, but this is not to be underestimated, so read carefully why today we will contract on 3 new products launched by Xiaomi in crowdfunding.

New Yeelight Mini presented

Yeelight is one of the subsidiary brands of Xiaomi, specializing in home lighting products including many ceiling solutions, desk lamps and the recent lamp with eye protection system. Here, then, the new Yeelight Mini ceiling lamp arrives on the company's crowdfunding platform integrated sensor for motion detection, so that this is activated and turned off when a person passes, all for a modicum price of 99 yuan, about 13 euro at the current exchange rate. Diameter of only 25 cm and color rendering RA90 similar to natural light, with a color temperature of 5700K and brightness of 670 lm. The new Yeelight Mini is suitable for lighting small rooms, such as porches, balconies or small rooms where the switch can be removed, as the lamp will automatically activate. The integrated sensor is double, that is, a photosensitive sensor that will turn on the LEDs of the lamp in dark conditions, while the second sensor is precisely sensing of which we have spoken above. After 60 seconds from the first motion detection, the lamp will turn off if there is no further movement. Finally it will please the "anti-mosquito" design which therefore will prevent annoying insects from entering the Yeelight Mini lamp.

Here is the innovative Xiaomi cat litter


It is the dog the best friend of man, but many people love cats, especially for their purrs. In any case you need to take care of them in the right way, even under the point of view of hygiene, because our feline friends are not used to walking with relative needs in the street (I recommend always collect the gift left by your credit) but perform their organic evacuations in the classic bedding. Xiaomi, has also thought about this aspect, proposing on the market an innovative litter consisting of a mixture of wood, natural components, small shells of shells and essential oils is easy to clean and does not stick to the tray containing the litter box.

In particular, the wood gives a high absorption capacity, about 7g of water for every gram of pellets, while the rest of the components ensures that the smells are captured without having to clean the litter immediately. Each package costs 39 yuan about 5 euros at the current exchange rate.

70mai is the gadget that monitors the pressure of your tires

Given that this gadget would not have much success in Italy, not so much for the functionality linked to it but because of the fact that unfortunately it happens more and more frequently that our beloved cars are stolen the plugs of the tires. But apart from that the new gadget proposed by Xiaomi in crodfunding belongs to new brand 70mai and consists of a gadget that can monitor the pressure of your tires in real time. Just insert in each wheel i sensors supplied in the package and start to monitor the pressure and temperature of our wheels. An alarm will warn us in case of anomalies such as drilling, values ​​that can still be consulted from the small gadget monitor that can be placed in the car on the dashboard without the need for additional power thanks to a integrated battery from 500 mAh. The precision is equal to 0.1 Bar and of course there is no lack of the smart side with which connect 70mai to the application to consult the statistics and set the correct parameters of your vehicle. The asking price is 349 yuan, about 45 euro, here find more details.

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