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Xiaomi Redmi 2: the review by

Xiaomi in the last two years has reached astronomical sales figures. The great success achieved by our preferred company is without doubt a device in particular, the best-selling in all those emerging markets where Xiaomi is officially present: I am talking about Redmi. After redmi 1 and the Redmi 1s we have now come to what is the third incarnation of the "small" We Phone, redmi 2, and this is exactly the object of the review I'm about to offer you.

Before you start I remember you can buy the redmi 2 directly from the shop to this link, with 2 year Manufacturers Guarantee e DHL shipping from China included in the price.

Design, materials and ergonomics

Lo Xiaomi Redmire 2 is a very compact smartphone: its dimensions are 134 x 67.21 x 9.2 millimeters, while its weight, including battery, is 134 grams. This device is present in different colors, the one we reviewed is the white color. In the front of the Redmi we obviously find the LCD IPS display by the diagonal of 4.7 inches, front 2 megapixel camera, the sensors of brightness need proximity, and of soft-touch navigation buttons of those reds who unfortunately are not backlit.


At the back, centrally, we have the main camera da 8 megapixel side by side from single flash led and right from it system speaker, microphone is preferably used for noise reduction and the logo "Mi"With mirror polishing.


The left side of the smartphone is completely empty while on the right side you find the power button and volume balance, both of which are easily accessible by holding the device in one hand.

IMG_20150504_123625 IMG_20150504_123534

Finally, on the top side, we find the 3.5 mm jack input for the earbuds, while the lower one main microphone and the entrance micro-USB for charging.

IMG_20150504_123600 IMG_20150504_123636

Il redmi 2 is entirely built in plastic materials, and although in China this is a smartphone that is sold at around 100 Euros, taking it in hand does not really have the impression of being in front of a low-end device. The plastics used are of high quality and the general assembly is very good. The back cover has one matt finish and this, in addition to preventing digital impressions, offers a good grip in hand.


Even if it does not give it the impression redmi 2 is a low-end device. The SoC supplied is the Snapdragon 410 which provides one Quad-core CPU a 64-bit operating at 1.2 GHz side by side with the graphics card Adreno 306. I have stressed this solution offered by Qualcomm proving Real Racing 3, a very demanding game in terms of hardware resources. During the gaming session I did not encounter any kind of problem: although with details not played at best, the game was played without any lag or drop in frames.

I ran a benchmark test on the now known app Antutu Benchmarks totalizing about average scores 20000 points. I propose the test screenshoot below, pointing out that this score will surely be increased when Xiaomi will update its redmi 2 ad Android Lollipop, which you will surely know is better optimized for processor with architecture a 64-bit.


As for the system memories we have 8 GB Expandable internal storage via micros-SD to 32 GB, and 1 GB di RAM. At this point I would like to break a spear in favor of Xiaomi and defend it from all those who have accused him of having implemented little RAM on his redmi 2: I have used this device for a few days and I have to say that I think this amount of memory is more than enough; surely it is not possible to push multitasking but with whatsapp, facebook and an active push email account the quantities of RAM residues always wander around 200 MB.

Of the cameras I will talk to you later, then I close this hardware overview by including the lithium battery da 2200 mAh capable of ensuring good autonomy and making some considerations on display by 4.7 inches: As you anticipate before, this is a unit IPS LCD laid down by the HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixel). Its brightness is very good, the colors are reproduced with a good color rendering index, but, as is often the case in the panels IPS, the blacks do not look deep and the whites seem to tend slightly to the gray.


We are now addressing the issue of cameras. The front is characterized by the presence of a 2 megapixel, the reverse one is a drive from 8 megapixel with focal aperture f / 2.2. The quality of this camera is certainly above average, but it is certainly not perfect: with auto settings the photos are good in light conditions, a little less the night shots that have a pretty pronounced disorder. However nothing that can not be resolved using the manual settings or the HDR mode. I propose some shots and some comparisons between the various modes.

These are some shots in good light conditions and in automatic mode.

IMG_20150504_171720 IMG_20150511_100527

This is a shot at night.


These three shots, instead, were made in a closed environment respectively in mode automatic, manual e HDR. Note the sharp improvement with the latter.

IMG_20150511_101345 IMG_20150511_101328 IMG_20150511_101355_HDR

Finally two night shots of the same subject with and without HDR mode.

IMG_20150510_232449_HDR IMG_20150510_232432

Cellular network and connectivity

Il redmi 2 is a smartphone Dual-SIM LTE dual-standby: its signal transmission frequencies are compatible with European ones, unfortunately there is no 800 MHz. I tried this smartphone with a TIM SIM sim and I have to say that the signal quality has always been very good. As for the connectivity nothing to say about WiFi e Bluetooth 4.0, just a note on the GPS which can only hook satellites after about thirty seconds, nothing serious anyway.


Who knows Xiaomi he knows that his strength is the MIUI, proprietary personalization of Android which is able to provide a complete operating system and many features. On board the Redmi we find the MIUI now arriving at his sixth incarnation and based on the OS 4.4.4 Android KitKat. It would serve a separate article to describe this beautiful ROM, so I'll just give you some screenshoots that will show you the graphic aspect.

Screenshot_2015-05-11-14-52-23 Screenshot_2015-05-11-14-04-15 Screenshot_2015-05-11-14-52-39 Screenshot_2015-05-11-14-52-59 Screenshot_2015-05-11-14-53-40

I also add that this ROM enjoys great support from the official team MIUI promptly, every Friday, releases a weekly update to fix some bugs and make new improvements.

Lastly, the battery I talk about in this paragraph because it is very often the operating system that makes the difference in terms of durability. As you anticipate the battery is a lithium drive from 2200 mAh which is able to guarantee good autonomy: with a single SIM inserted, with whatsapp, facebook and an email account always active, and with poco more than 5 hours on screen turned on il redmi 2 It arrived at 4% of residual charge after well 13 hours and a half of use. Here are the screens to see what I just told you.Screenshot_2015-05-11-21-15-36 Screenshot_2015-05-11-21-15-18 Screenshot_2015-05-11-21-15-27


If you do not need a device that can offer you extreme multitasking and if you are looking for a quality terminal a poco price then the redmi 2 it's just what makes for you, the Xiaomi brand is definitely a guarantee!

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