Xiaomi TV with LCD panel that detaches? The brand responds

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi seems to have run into a big mess when it comes to its TV sector. A couple of days ago, a Chinese user revealed online that his TV has apparently opened halfway.

Xiaomi TV with LCD panel that detaches? The brand responds

As we can see in the photo above, the smart TV's LCD panel has completely detached from the frame and collapsed to the ground. Obviously this destroyed part of the panel and therefore made it unusable, as well as inconvenient.

In any case, the incident was shared by the user on Weibo (the Chinese Twitter). The same claimed that the LCD panel of the Xiaomi TV fell by itself, without any pushing or mistreatment. In addition, the surveillance camera at home captured this incident and he rightfully shared it online. The video shows that the smart TV panel falls off without any external factors (it's not the video below).

Xiaomi has publicly replied that it has confirmed that during the production of the Xiaomi TV EA70, a very small number of devices may have the problem of opening the screen. Affected devices are locked in two batches with manufacturing dates between February 14 and March 20. Xiaomi replied that the TV screen came off automatically: the reason for the problem seemed to be the type of glue used.

With a responsible attitude towards users, we will provide free on-site maintenance services for these two batches of EA70 TVs and provide an additional two-year extended warranty service.

We will provide a query tool as soon as possible so that users can check if their devices are eligible for this service plan.

We point out that previously, two other users with Xiaomi TVs had reported that their TV's LCD panel had come undone by itself.

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