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Xiaomi Smart Camera Baby Monitor Edition released in China

Xiaomi recently introduced a new innovative product into the Chinese market: the Smart Camera Baby Monitor Edition. This smart camera was launched on the Xiaomi Youpin platform and will be the subject of a crowdfunding campaign that will start at 10:00 on April 10th and end at the same time on April 17th, with a promotional price of 749 yuan (95 euros).

Xiaomi Smart Camera Baby Monitor Edition released in China

Xiaomi Smart Camera Baby Monitor Edition

The Smart Camera Baby Monitor Edition stands out for its advanced features, designed to offer parents greater peace of mind. The device is equipped with a system for detecting crying, coughing and other sounds, which allows you to constantly monitor the child's well-being. Furthermore, thanks to the Mijia application, parents can set safety zones, such as the toy area or potentially dangerous areas, receiving immediate notifications if the child goes beyond them.

A peculiar aspect of this camera is its ability to operate both locally and in network mode. In local mode, the assistance screen displays images in real time as soon as it is turned on, without the need for network configurations and ensuring privacy, as the data does not pass through the cloud server and cannot be accessed via the Mijia app. In network mode, however, it is possible to connect the assistance screen and the Mijia app to the camera, allowing shared vision with other devices and the possibility of monitoring the child remotely.

Xiaomi Smart Camera Baby Monitor Edition

Security and privacy are at the center of Xiaomi's concerns, as demonstrated by the choice to allow manual rotation of the camera to avoid accidental touches via online control. This allows parents to set the Mijia app to only monitor specific locations, such as the baby's crib, avoiding capturing unwanted outdoor areas.

The Xiaomi Smart Camera Baby Monitor Edition also offers great installation flexibility, being able to be fixed to the cradle, the wall or simply placed on a flat surface. It supports dual-band Wi-Fi and 2.4GHz/5GHz connections, data transfer via microSD card/NAS, cloud storage and boasts a long battery life of 10 hours, plus a screen from 5 inches.

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