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Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2: the new smart lock becomes quieter

The giant of Chinese technology Xiaomi has just launched its new smart lock on the market: the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2. It is an innovative product that promises to offer safety, comfort and silence to users.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2: the new smart lock becomes quieter

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 is a fully automatic lock that closes and opens without the need for keys or handles. The lock body is equipped with sensors that monitor the door status in real time and a Level C lock core that penetrates the door structure.

One of the coolest features of this lock is its ability to reduce noise. Compared with the first generation of fully automatic locks, the anti-noise fully automatic locks developed by Xiaomi reduce noise by 12 dB when the door closes and 13 dB when the door opens. Additionally, users can activate Do Not Disturb mode to turn off the prompt sound and reduce the alarm sound.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 supports multiple unlocking methods, including AI fingerprint recognition, long-term passwords, periodic/one-time passwords, Bluetooth, Xiaomi mobile phones, Xiaomi watches, encrypted NFC cards and mechanical keys. AI fingerprint recognition is based on semiconductor recognition technology, a built-in AI algorithm and a large model. This guarantees a fingerprint recognition speed of less than 0,5 seconds, a false recognition rate less than 0,001% and an authenticity rejection rate of less than 0,52%.

Users can also preset anti-duress fingerprints, which in case of crisis can send a silent call notification to the preset phone number. Additionally, the lock is equipped with a Mijia security chip that locally encrypts private data such as fingerprints and passwords and prevents them from being read or decrypted externally.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 is also a smart lock that connects to the Mijia app via the dual protocol Bluetooth + Wi-Fi. This allows users to remotely view alarm notifications and lock operation logs, without the need for a Bluetooth Mesh gateway device. Users can also share door lock management rights with family members, making it easier to manage door locks.

La Battery life of the lock is approximately one year, with 8 dry batteries. The lock alerts users when the battery is low and in case of emergency, the external Type-C power bank can be used to provide temporary power to the lock.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 has been officially released with a initial price of 1.299 yuan (about 166 euros) and will be officially launched on November 10th.

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