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Xiaomi: are these devices that will receive Android Marshmallow?

Android Marshmallow 6.0 is the latest incarnation of the green robotic operating system. In this article we will list all those devices Xiaomi who will receive this major update.

Android Marshmallow, Here are the Xiaomi who will receive the upgrade!


Android Marshmallow

The hardcore users of the MIUI they know very well that this ROM is completely disconnected from operating system versions Android. On the proprietary personalization of Xiaomi in fact, we may already find some features that in some other ROMs will only be introduced with the advent of Android Marshmallow. Nevertheless, although a major update is not strictly necessary, it seems that Xiaomi decided to upgrade a large slice of her entire park.

Informing us of the Chinese company's future moves is as usual in Chinese leaker Leaksfly that on its profile Weibo has posted the complete list of all the terminals that will be equipped with Android Marshmallow 6.0, including those devices that have yet to be launched.

Android Marshmallow

As you can see from the screen, the list includes the following devices:

Unfortunately, as you have noticed, there is another post in the screen, the top one for accuracy, where it is said that Xiaomi Mi3 you will not be interested in this update, at least as far as the Global ROM is concerned.

If this indiscretion were true, what would you think of this choice of Xiaomi? Is your smartphone in the list?

[Source: Weibo]

Article Xiaomi: are these devices that will receive Android Marshmallow? seems to be the first of

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