Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9: at 170 euro IT HAS NO RIVALS

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Over the months we have had the opportunity to try a long series of electric brooms belonging to "satellite" companies to Xiaomi, but when it is Lei Jun's company that proposes its idea in this area, we could not fail to try it. So today we offer you the Xiaomi, a minimal electric broom (yet another), with a good price and a rather complete equipment to complete the house cleaning.

Will Xiaomi G9 live up to the good reputation that the brand has made in the technology market, or will it have disappointed expectations? Well I would say that we have lost too much time in chatter and therefore let's go immediately to discover strengths and weaknesses, giving an answer to the question posed, within our complete review.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9
Until February 28, the final price is € 170,99
€170,99 €239,99
Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9: at 170 euro IT HAS NO RIVALS

Xiaomi to contain costs net of the best quality / price ratio, has reduced both the design aspect and the one concerning the accessories that accompany the electric broom to the essentials, but be careful, because essential also means functional, in fact right away we can start in the most classic cleaning activities, indeed to be honest, the many accessories that rivals offer often remain in the sales package, which in the case of the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9 consists of the following equipment:

  • Aluminum extension tube;
  • Main motorized brush;
  • Anti-mite brush;
  • Battery;
  • Lance with narrow mouth for crevices;
  • Wide mouth lance for upholstered items, 2 in 1 with bristles;
  • Charging base.
Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9


  • Dimensions: 128.6 x 21.4 x 25.6 cm;
  • Weight: 3,8 Kg;
  • Power: 400W;
  • Maximum suction power: 120 Air Watt;
  • Motor speed: 100.000 rpm;
  • Container capacity: 600 ml;
  • Noise: 68 dB;
  • Charging time: 3,5 hours;
  • Battery: 2500mAh 7-cell;
  • Autonomy: 60 declared (55 actual) minutes at minimum power, 25 declared (22 actual) minutes for standard power and 8 minutes at maximum power.
Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9

Xiaomi tries to find its independence in the cleaning sector with a simple product, I would say almost humble, proposing a product without frills but not for this poco interesting even if I admit, some flaws of youth on the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9 are present. The product is completely made of white plastic, in my opinion a slip, because if on the one hand the beauty and elegance are the masters, aligning with the various products that make up the ecosystem of the brand, on the other hand the white color tends to get dirty easily, therefore it would have been better to direct the coloring towards dark shades.

Overall, the construction is good and the interlocking elements match perfectly, in addition to the fact that the handle of the electric broom is quite ergonomic and therefore disentangling cleaning is always manageable, but I tell you right now the biggest problem of this wireless vacuum cleaner, or the fact that to make it work you must always keep the trigger pressed, so there is no "Hold On" blocking function, forcing us to assume an awkward position for the hand and wrist.

We have said that everything is reduced to the essential, so we do not find any display nor smart functions, indeed some operations are completely manual such as the possibility of switching between 3 different suction powers, by means of a mechanical selector positioned in the rear part of the engine block. On the positive side we have the possibility of extracting the battery, a 7 mAh 2500-cell unit, but the company has given the user this possibility not to increase the autonomy but rather to extend the longevity of the product, as recharging it can only be done with the battery connected to the vacuum cleaner. In this case, the replacement of an exhausted battery is simplified: a possibility thrown to the wind by Xiaomi which in my opinion would also aim at offering the possibility of being able to clean longer by charging one battery at a time while continuing. to use the vacuum cleaner.

But if until now we have seen a description that has the term minimal as its guiding thread, the same cannot be said for the rest of the specifications of Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9 which for example boasts a completely removable and washable HEPA-13 filter, in addition to being able to count on a 12-cone filtration system capable of capturing and retaining up to 99,97% of particles from 0,3 microns upwards.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9

The suction power reaches a maximum of 120 AirWatts by means of a 400W brushless motor at 100.000 rpm, resulting in a cleaning efficiency that satisfies the user in the vast majority of situations. It must be said, however, that the lower power compared to other products in the same category stands out above all with the pebbles of the cat litter, perhaps too light to be lifted or perhaps (in my humble opinion) it is the revisited design of the main brush that creates this obstacle. In fact, the brush has a new design that does not retain hair and hair at all, but perhaps leaves too much space from the main suction nozzle.

We can console ourselves, however, with the fact that Xiaomi Vacuum Clenaer G9 manages to clean well even on parquet and carpets, as long as the latter are not of the soft type. The noise level is also excellent, reaching a peak of only 68 dB, which is decidedly silent and therefore allows rapid use even at night. All the dirt is conveyed into a 0,6 liter capacity tank which can be completely emptied with a simple click but if necessary, the whole system can be disassembled for cleaning and washing.

For the rest, Xiaomi's G9 behaves practically in the same way as more expensive and noble models, indeed in some ways even better. Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9 will allow anyone to clean with excellent efficiency even the dirtiest environments in which earth or dust are the masters but for how long? As mentioned, we have a 2500 mAh 7-cell battery available that gives a maximum of 55 minutes of use in ECO mode to only 8 minutes in TURBO mode. In reality you will almost always use the STANDARD intermediate mode which settles on the actual 22 minutes of duration, more than enough to clean about 100 square meters of the house, even passing a sofa or to deepen the cleaning of upholstery with the supplied accessories.

At any time you can keep an eye on the residual charge, counting on 3 white LEDs on the right and left sides of the battery itself. The recharging time is decidedly positive, reaching the value of about 3 and a half hours for an energy load: a not long time compared to the market average which generally takes from 4 and a half to 5 hours.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9
Until February 28, the final price is € 170,99
€170,99 €239,99
Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9: at 170 euro IT HAS NO RIVALS


The price of the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9 is 239,99 euros, honestly a blunder but a coupon is available that lowers the price on the eBay store up to 170,99 euros, a sort of introductory offer. Well, at this price you really can't find anything that is decent while the Chinese brand's vacuum cleaner in its own way can satisfy the vast majority of users' needs.

Good solidity, good construction and good cleaning efficiency, without too many frills that would end up putting in difficulty the less accustomed to technology, so whether you are looking for a second cordless electric broom or directly a wireless cyclonic vacuum cleaner so as not to struggle with the broom anymore. and headstock, but you have a very limited budget, the Xiaomi G9 is undoubtedly the best solution, almost a best buy ... shame about some compromises that are too important, such as the absence of a stop for the operating button.

7.4 Total score

The new Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9 electric broom arrives on the market at an introductory price that eliminates direct competition. An economical product, therefore, which renounces all the superfluous for the benefit of performance as efficient as more expensive models. In short, a bargain to be seized on the fly.

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