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Get back in shape with the WalkingPad and Yesoul on offer

With summer approaching, it's already time to get fit or at least try! If for various reasons you are unable to go to the gym, do not despair. Thanks to the fitness products of Xiaomi in fact, it is possible to train without having to leave the house. Today in particular we are going to see the treadmills and stationary bikes for sale on the store Click here to go to the promo or read on to find out more.

Xiaomi Walking Pad R1 PRO

Let's start with the most successful product in this category, the Xiaomi Walking Pad R1 PRO. This foldable and compact treadmill can reach a maximum speed of 10 km / h, has a safety clip that acts as an emergency button that allows you to immediately stop running when it is removed and a LED panel that allows you to monitor speed, training time and distance traveled in real time.

In terms of safety, Xiaomi's WalkingPad R1 Pro is equipped with a child lock function, automatic standby after ten minutes and overload protection.

Lo Xiaomi Walking Pad R1 Pro is on offer at price of 459,00€ instead of 599,00 €.

We then Walking Pad R2 that comes with a powerful and ultra-quiet 1,25 HP motor for a maximum speed of 10 km/h. The treadmill has a sturdy and durable steel frame and a multi-layered design that absorbs shock and reduces noise, making running quieter, safer and more comfortable. .

Thanks to the one-piece aluminum alloy structure, Xiaomi's treadmill has a simple and robust shape, increased durability and stability, and a load capacity of 110 kg.

Lo Xiaomi Walking Pad R2 is on offer at price of 629,00€ instead of 699,00 €.

Turning to electric exercise bikes, the brand YESOUL being part of the Xiaomi ecosystem it has several very interesting products for different price ranges.

The cheapest is the Ysoul S3, a smart exercise bike that we can connect to a tablet or smartphone to view key stats such as speed, cadence, distance, calories burned, heart rate, resistance level and time. The tablet or smartphone can be placed in the top compartment.

YESOUL S3 is also equipped with a 6,5kg flywheel and a sturdy frame for you to enjoy a stable ride at home. The structure is stable, resistant and light; in fact, this bike weighs 31 kg and can support a weight of up to 120kg.

The YESOUL S3 is on offer for the price of 299,00€ instead of 389,00 €.

Finally, we have the YESOUL S3 Pro who adopts a d10.1″ display with Full HD resolution which shows real-time exercise data, including heart rate, speed, distance, power and calories burned.

The bike is very stable and can withstand the maximum load up to 120 kg. The bike can also connect to the Yesoul app via Bluetooth and WiFi.

The YESOUL S3 Pro is on offer on the Smartus website at the price of 459,00€ instead of €549,00

On the promotional page of smartus find others fitness products of the Xiaomi ecosystem in special offer. Click here to find out more.

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