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Zopo: First smartphone with deca-core!

A few hours ago, we talked about the return of the smartphone business to the Chinese company, Zopo, with the official presentation of the Zopo U5. But the Chinese company does not stop here, to amaze us!





In fact, soon, it could announce a new high-end smartphone featuring a processor deca-core. The new phablet, shown by leaked images, it should be provided with a da 6 inches, with a resolution Quad HD da 1440 2560 pixels x in well 2K. The processor would correspond to an innovative one Helio X20, the first deca-core of the story!

But the qualities of this terminal do not end there! There is also talk of a memory RAM by well 4 GB and a rear camera with a sensor 20 megapixel. To all this, there is a fabulous design, with a slim body with almost invisible edges and a fingerprint reader.




Information on the new phablet Zopo also include a probable selling price that would oscillate between the 500 and the 600 dollars. It is not clear when the terminal will be officially launched, since the device portrayed in the leaked images is a prototype and therefore still far from possible commercialization.

What do you think of this next device? Is worth? Will Zopo manage to get out of a bad period with this terminal?

Article Zopo: First smartphone with deca-core! seems to be the first of

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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