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1MORE Fit Open Earbuds S50: the definitive sports headphones (for now)

In the wireless earbuds landscape, the competition is fierce, but 1MORE seems to have found the winning formula with its new ones Fit Open Earbuds S50. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love this company and its products. These new headphones are not just a technological accessory, but a real tool of freedom for those who love music and sport. Let's see them together features, technical and price.

1More Fit Open Earbuds S50 also have IPX7 certification: protected against rain and sweat

The Fit Open Earbuds S50 by 1MORE are much more than just a pair of earphones. These little technological jewels are equipped with a series of advanced functions that make them one of a kind. First of all, the wireless charging and impressive battery life let you enjoy your music without interruption. But the real magic lies in 1MORE's audio technology, which guarantees a high-quality sound experience, thanks to the DLC diaphragm and PurePower drivers.

1more s50

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Another strong point is the sound tuning, handled by4-time Grammy Award-winning Italian sound engineer, Luca Bignardi. His experience guarantees a natural and authentic sound that further elevates your enjoyment. Additionally, the S50s come with the version Bluetooth 5.3, currently the most advanced on the market. This ensures uninterrupted use, minor best before date energetic, strong anti-interference and wide compatibility with various devices.

1MORE has partnered with Sonarworks to deliver presets EQ that further elevate the sound quality. And if that wasn't enough, the battery life extended to 38 hours , 5 minute quick charge for 2 hours of playback extras make these earphones a must-have for those who are always on the move.

But what happens when you receive a call while on the move? No problem. Even though the S50s don't have the active noise cancellation (ANC) QuietMax, AI ENC Algorithm technology uses a four-microphone setup to ensure clarity in voice calls.

As for the purchase, the Fit Open Earbuds S50 are available directly on 1MORE official website at the price of $149.99. Yes, unfortunately for the moment they are only available abroad and not yet on Amazon. There's a discount for first-time buyers that drops the price to $120 with the code SPORT20.

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