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Google's new Chromecasts are arriving. What do we know about them for now?

Recently, rumors have surfaced about two possible new Chromecast dongles under development. The information, leaked thanks to an analysis of the latest version of the Google Home app by the team of 9to5Google, reveal the existence of a device with the code name “YTD“, next to another previously discovered one, “YTC“. Unfortunately there are few details, but they are there. Let's see them together.

Details on Google's new Chromecast dongles

An in-depth analysis of the APK revealed the presence of a new device, codenamed “YTD”, positioned next to the current dongles Chromecast HD and 4K. This detail has not gone unnoticed, as it raises questions and speculation about the nature and potential of this new device. This is very interesting news considering that the 1st generation Chromecast has run out of official support.

What aroused interest was the discovery, which took place in January 2023, of another Chromecast dongle with Google TV, identified by the code name “YTC”. This device was interpreted as possible new chromecast top of the range , intended to overcome the limitations of previous models, in particular regarding storage capacity and support for AV1 codec, which promises more efficient streams.

Speculation has intensified with the discovery of a new remote for Chromecast, featuring a mysterious button star, as part of the Android 14 beta. This remote control, with a renewed layout and front volume keys, adds further elements of novelty and anticipation.

Despite the information gathered, many details about the “YTD” and “YTC” devices remain shrouded in mystery. The community looks forward to further announcements, hoping for the annual event Google I/O can reveal more information and confirm expectations.

It is useless to talk about price, as well as release date, given that it is a device that has not yet been officially announced. However, let's assume that the final cost will be around around € 60 if it comes out in Italy.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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