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Sharing passwords on Android becomes super easy. Thanks Google

Google is about to introduce an important innovation for Android users: a feature of sharing Password through Google Password Manager. This tool, integrated into the Google Play Services, aims to make sharing login credentials easier and more secure, especially within family groups. The novelty was discovered by the team of The SpAndroid. Here are the details.

Google makes sharing passwords on Android easier

This feature, an integral part of Google Play Services, was revealed in the latest version 24.09.12 (190400-610662703). Thanks to this innovation, owners of Android devices will have the opportunity to share your login credentials with members of your family group in a few simple steps.

The new option is activated through the use of a specific flag, demonstrating Google's commitment to testing and perfecting this feature before its official release. From the screenshots shared by the developers, it emerges that the sharing functionality will be accessible directly from the credentials screen of a website within the Google Password Manager.

A new button “Share” will allow users to open a dialogue explaining that it is possible “securely share a copy of your password with someone in your family group".

It is important to underline that, for the moment, this functionality still exists in development phase and it is not active. However, what makes this innovation particularly interesting is the emphasis on safety and use limited to family groups. In addition, the sharing function will be available only for accounts using traditional passwords, excluding the passkey. This detail reflects Google's awareness of the different security needs of users and the desire to offer flexible and efficient solutions.

The ability to share passwords on Android in a secure and controlled way represents a significant step forward in online credential management, facilitating users' digital lives without compromising security.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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