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OnePlus 12: camera and processor are already known

With the latest eleventh edition top of the range, OnePlus has churned out an excellent level device. We could not have expected otherwise to be honest. The giant is now renowned for producing excellent quality devices, stable from the software point of view and powerful from the hardware point of view. And in this regard it seems that it is already known what the will be processor of OnePlus 12 as well as its top camera.

When is the OnePlus 12 coming out? What will the specifications be? Camera and processor of the top of the range seem to be already known to insiders

The aforementioned brand is expected to launch its next generation of high-end smartphones OnePlus 12 with a notable upgrade to the cameras, including a periscopic lens. In this sense, the well-known Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station  revealed that the company is testing the chip SM8650. For those unfamiliar with the model, it is the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 by Qualcomm. The thing that will please users most will not be the SoC as much as the periscopic camera.

Oneplus 12

Currently the zoom settings on OnePlus smartphones are not the best available on the market. The reason is because the shots lose a lot of detail when the photo is zoomed in. Therefore, the use of a periscope sensor can be a remarkable upgrade for the next generation of mobile phones to obtain higher quality results. If this rumor is confirmed, OnePlus 12 will be the company's first smartphone to arrive with this type of lens in its photographic set. It should be remembered that currently the optical zoom of the top of the 2023 range is x2. So let's assume that arrive at a x3 Next year. It goes without saying that the price to pay for this improvement will be greater weight and thickness.

In addition, other updates are planned for this product, such as faster loading speed and Android 14. Despite these speculations, it cannot be said that the next generation of OnePlus smartphones will hit the market anytime soon. After all, it recently announced the global version of OnePlus 11.

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