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Sony invests 345 million in the development of smartphone and tablet cameras

Smartphones that use Sony photo sensors are increasingly popular, and not just among Chinese companies. Apple also made use of Sony components, but did not advertise it too much.

Sony's top-of-the-line smartphones always offer a top-notch photo gallery, but it's not well-optimized with software. High manufacturers have instead made the most of Sony's sensors, such as Live With the Vivid Xshot, which we have reviewed for you.

It seems that the Japanese giant is ready to point on these sensors for mobile technology, which we find on some tablets as well Xiaomi Mi Pad. According to some Chinese sources, the investment should amount to approximately 345 million dollars, to be invested for the development of sensors and for the improvement of the production process.

It also appears that the company will focus particularly on the development of front camera cameras, following the incredible selfie fashion that, by recording record numbers, requires superior quality front-facing cameras.

Even Xiaomi with the new Mi4 has entrusted Sony with the photo gallery, as well as Oppo, OnePlus and many more, like Meizu. Would you like to see a greater diffusion of Sony sensors?


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