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Xiaomi Mi4, sold out in 34 seconds!

Today Xiaomi has officially released its highly anticipated market Xiaomi Mi4. The sale was set for today at 12.00 now Chinese (the 06.00 in Italy), guess how long it has arrived Out-of-stock? Only 37 seconds!

According to Xiaomi, the stock of Mi4 available today would be finished only after 37 seconds. Although the number of Xiaomi Mi4 sold was not revealed, the only version available today was that China Unicom WCDMA blank from 16GB, so running on our 3G networks.

Obviously the company has taken the opportunity to sell other products of its line including: Xiaomi Mi Pad from 64GB, Xiaomi Tv 2, Xiaomi Redmi, Redmi Note etc., etc. and also to start offering his "AppleCare" style insurance for 99 yuan only.

Xiaomi Mi4 sold-out

In addition to announcing sales figures, Xiaomi has also formalized that the second round of sales was set for the next 5 August. Prepare our savings!



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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