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Xiaomi releases a Europe version of the fantastic Qicycle bike!

Today we are here to present you the new one European version of the fantastic bike Xiaomi but, to better understand the differences between the two versions, one must first learn as much as possible about this new gem of Chinese society.

The innovative folding bicycle Xiaomi Qicycle is equipped with a motor from 250w with a pair of 7.3 newtonmeters, thus allowing the user to arrive at a maximum speed of 20 km/h. The autonomy provided by the set of 18650 ion batteries of lithium allows a distance of 45 kilometers. The driving is also excellent thanks to the three-way derailleur that guarantees the passing of pleasant moments while on a comfortable one display by 1,8 ", the fantastic on-board computer allows you to always have under control values ​​such as speed, power and residual autonomy without the need for a smartphone.


The user will not have to worry about anything, thanks to the intelligent systems provided by the means that can supply the right current input to encourage pedaling. The aluminum design makes it light, elegant and at the same time very resistant, while the longitudinal folding system avoids any kind of damage during operations. The maximum transportable load is of 75 kg.

Another point of forsa of this bike are the measures extremely small and very comfortable,  1247mm x 556mm x 928mm when ready for use, instead just fold it back to get 1000mm x 450mm x 650mm!

But now let's analyze carefully what are the differences from the Chinese version to the European one:

  • adequate the angle of the tire, improved security performance and more in line with the EU standard.
  •  Replacement of chain and with a belt. The belt has a good mute effect, requires no maintenance and is easy to use.
  •  Support for the parcheggio, making the bike More comfortable to be used compared to the domestic version. Logically the service is unlimited, so you can park anywhere, anytime.
  • Added a fender to repair the bike and give him tires splashes of rain and mud.
  • The international version includes the European standard charging socket, the English heading e English manual.

Finally, then another Xiaomi product has landed in Europe and is ready to be purchased by all Western Fans. If you want to immediately grab the new gem of Chinese society you can do it here on Gekkbuying!

Alessandro Matthia Celli
Alessandro Matthia Celli

I am a young boy, keen on being a child of all technology, but specifically in the mobile world, Android and Xiaomi! I have known this company by mistake at the age of 10 and have since become part of my life. I love everything about Android: apps, games, material design, Google, programming and much more!


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5 years ago

Hello and thank you, a curiosity: is geekbuying shipping safe for customs?

4 years ago

How much can I find today? because from 600 euro to today's 1100 it seems to me exaggerated how much price you have a discount code or some advice for a reliable site where to buy it around 700 euros?