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Amazon Echo Auto brings Alexa into the car: at 50% it is MANDATORY

Discovering the convenience of Alexa in the car is now more convenient. Amazon Echo Auto, an innovative device designed to transform every trip into a unique experience, it is on an unmissable offer on the e-commerce of the same name. Here are the main features of this device that allows you to interact with Alexa in your car while driving.

Amazon Echo Auto which brings Alexa into the car is at a super 50% discount

The Amazon Echo Auto represents the latest frontier in automotive voice technology. This small but powerful device was designed to bring all the features of Alexa directly to your car's dashboard, making every journey more pleasant and safe. With one 50% Off, is now available for only 34,99 €, an offer that makes the Echo Auto an almost indispensable purchase for those who want to always stay connected.

Featuring a slim and discreet design, Echo Auto installs easily in any vehicle. Thanks to his 5 built-in microphones, Alexa can clearly hear your voice commands, even in the presence of external noises such as music or city traffic. Whether you want to play your favorite playlist, carry out calls or simply ask for directions, Echo Auto is yours traveling personal assistant.

amazon echo auto attached to a machine with the list of functions it has

Not just entertainment and communication: Echo Auto also lets you manage household tasks while you're away from home. You can ask Alexa to adjust the thermostat, turn off the lights or check the safety of your home, all without taking your attention away from the road. And for those who are particularly concerned about privacy, Echo Auto includes a button to mute the microphones, ensuring your peace of mind at all times.

As we were saying, the Amazon Echo Auto device that brings Alexa into the car is available on e-commerce at half the price: stop by € to € 69,99 34,99. You can purchase it by clicking or tapping on the box below and you will be taken directly to the product page on Amazon.

On offer on Amazon

to July 15, 2024 19:00
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