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With 'Delivery My Day' Amazon Prime lets you choose when to receive your order

After announcing the dates of Black Friday 2023 and extended return period until January 31, 2024, a new exclusive service arrives in Italy for subscribers to Amazon Premium: the "Deliver My Day“. This innovation allows Prime customers to decide the day of the week on which they prefer to receive the items ordered, provided they meet certain eligibility criteria. Here are all the details of this new delivery option.

How it works Deliver My Day of Amazon Prime

Service "Deliver My Day" it's a new option shipping that Amazon offers free to its Prime customers. Customers can choose a specific day of the week to receive orders, ordering eligible items up to one day before your chosen delivery date. Amazon, when possible, combines multiple orders in the same package, thus optimizing shipments.

To access this delivery option, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. log in to your Amazon account.
  2. search for the desired item.
  3. add it to cart.
  4. proceed to checkout.
  5. select the delivery address and payment method.
  6. opt for free delivery”My Amazon Day".
  7. choose the preferred day of the week for receiving the products.

Who is eligible

Not all orders are suitable for the "Delivery My Day Amazon“. Some examples of ineligible orders include:

  • Prime orders shipped by third parties
  • deliveries to areas with unsuitable postal codes
  • Amazon Key deliveries
  • shipments containing hazardous materials
  • deliveries outside Italy
  • deliveries to Amazon collection points, post office boxes or lockers

Change of delivery day

Flexibility is one of the main characteristics of the “Delivery My Day Amazon“. Customers can change the delivery day by selecting a new day at checkout. Orders placed before the change will arrive on the originally specified delivery day.

Customers can setting up "Deliver My Day” as your preferred delivery option, thus making it easier to organize future deliveries. The selection is made at checkout, through a dedicated checkbox. You can cancel this preference at the same point, maintaining freedom of choice on the delivery methods.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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