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Amazon changes its return policy on electronics starting April 25th

Online shopping lovers will find themselves faced with an important novelty when they shop on Amazon: the return policy for electronic items that is about to change. From the end of April, the time available to decide whether or not to keep an electronic product will be significantly reduced. This change will affect a wide range of items, with the exception of some specific devices which will maintain a more generous return policy.

Changes coming to Amazon's return policy

The news took many consumers by surprise: Amazon, the online shopping giant, is about to tighten its return policy for articles electronic. Traditionally known for its flexibility, allowing up to 30 days to return a product, Amazon has decided to reduce this period to just 14 days. This decision will directly impact how consumers will manage their electronics purchases on this platform, forcing them to make quicker evaluations.

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Particularly relevant is the fact that the new Amazon return policy will apply to a wide range of products, including smartphones, computers, video games e DVD. These items, which previously benefited from a longer evaluation period, will now have to be tested and evaluated in a narrow window of time. However, some products like e-readers, Fire tablets, televisions e box TV they will have preferential treatment, maintaining the previous return conditions. This distinction highlights an attempt by Amazon to balance its new policy, considering the different needs related to the use of specific devices.

Why did Amazon change its return policy?

The motivation behind this change is closely linked to the logistics and cost management: By reducing the time available for returns, Amazon aims to limit the number of items returned, thus optimizing its operations and reducing le expense. This change of direction comes at a time when the company is being watched with particular attention for its marketing strategies, especially regarding the promotion of high-end products, which could lead to more impulsive purchasing decisions by customers. consumers.

For the moment the decision seems relegated to Germany. In the next few weeks we will know whether Amazon's return policy will also change Italy.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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