Black Shark 5 Pro: brute force doesn't scare him at all, but heat does ...

Black Shark 5 Pro he is not only a champion of performance but also of endurance. To say it is not us "mere mortals" but Zack Nelson, who most will know by the nickname of Jerry rig everything. The smartphone destroyer has in fact had the opportunity to test the resistance of the latest smartphone from the Xiaomi shoulder company. The classics fire test, of cutting e area of bending have they scratched the body and soul of the device? We just have to see it in detail of the video that the author himself published on his YouTube channel.

The best of the Black Shark 5 Pro gaming phones fell into the hands of Jerry Rig Everything underlining that he is also a champion of endurance!

The Black Shark 5 Pro gaming fell into the hands of tech blogger Zack Nelson, known for his non-standard smartphone testing. Among the various tests, he verified the operation of the adapter quick charge from 120W, he promised to experiment physical triggers and also tried to scratch and bend the body of the device. In short, an all-round test that the Black Shark 5 Pro should, at least in theory, overcome given its super-performing beast soul. But will it have been so? More or less yes, but not in all tests.

Before testing the strength, the blogger checked the charging speed of the smartphone by fully recharging it thanks to the 120W input. As a result, in 5 minutes the smartphone was charged up to 40%, in 10 minutes up to 77%, in 17 minutes up to 100%. According to the blogger, it screen and back panel got so hot that the smartphone was uncomfortable to hold. We can therefore imagine how it will behave in the fire test ...

Zack then tested the screen's scratch resistance. To do this, he tried to damage the screen with spikes of varying hardness. The scratches appeared only on the sixth level on the Mohs scale, typical of tempered glass. The rear panel also showed a good result: it was not scratched by a rather sharp utility knife. There The smartphone's metal frame is the one that has suffered the most. The scratches on it appeared after the first contact with the blade, in contrast to the protective glass of the camera, which does not appear to be damaged. 

The rear panel also proved to be tough: in the folding test, it did not break, but it came off only slightly from the frame. The matrix and the protective glass of the screen remained intact after folding. The author of the video said that in an upcoming video he intends to disassemble the device to study the mechanism of its triggers.

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