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Ultenic T10 Pro Floor Cleaning Robot with emptying station at €266 shipping included from Europe

Ultenic T10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner with automatic emptying station, 4000 Pa suction, SpinPower double washing, 3,3 liter dust bag, Lidar navigation, Carpet Boost, 5200 mAh battery, maximum autonomy of 200 minutes, APP/voice control

Ultenic T10 Pro Floor Cleaning Robot (🅿️ Pay with PayPal or credit card get another $10 discount)

266€ 399€
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Small Parts

GeneralBrand: Ultenic
Type: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Model: T10 Pro
White color
Small PartsRobot specifications
Rated power: 50W
Voltage: 14,4V
Suction: max. 4000Pa
Autonomy: Max 200 minutes
Charging time: ≤5 hours
Noise: Powerful gear: ≤72dB, Standard gear: ≤66dB, Silent gear: ≤62dB
Obstacle/corridor crossing height: ≥20mm
Climb angle: ≤15 degrees
Water tank: integrated electronically controlled dust container, vibration, water tank,
Dust container capacity: 268 ml
, water tank capacity: 175ml,
carpet enhancement: support
to avoid wet mop: support (ultrasonic test)
Resume work from the point of interruption: support
Full Powder Tips: Not supported
APP: Support
Smart speaker voice control: support
Operating environment range: Temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius; Humidity: 75/%
Battery: 5200 mAh
WiFi Module: 2,4G
Dust bag: 3,3L
Navigation type: LDS laserAuto emptying station specifications
Rated power: 1050W
Rated input: 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Rated Output: 1,2A
Suction power: 29 KPa
Weight and sizePackage weight: 10,7 kg
Robot dimensions (L x W x H): 33,5 x 33,5 x 10 cm
Pack size (L x W x H): 42 x 40,8 x 34cm
Package Contents1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 x charging station
1 x remote control
2 x mops
1 x mop pad
1 x Extra HEPA Filter
1 x side brush
1 x cleaning brush
2 x dust bags
1 x user manual
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