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Anthropic announces Claude 2.1: apparently ChatGPT and Bard give it a thumbs up | Video

AI is constantly evolving, and Claude 2.1 is living proof of this. This advanced model, now available via API and in the chat interface of, marks a significant step in AI technologies for businesses. With features like a window context of 200.000 tokens, a drastic reduction in the model's hallucination rates, and the introduction of new features like the use of tools, promises steps forward with respect to the potential of ChatGPT and Google Bard.

Claude 2.1: features and news

Claude 2.1 represents a qualitative leap in the field of artificial intelligence, offering a series of improvements and innovations. Among these, the context window extended up to 200.000 tokens, equivalent to approximately 150.000 words or over 500 pages of material. This extension allows users to work with papers long and complex, ranging from technical documentation to extended literary works, offering the possibility of summaries, Q&A, trend analysis, comparisons between documents and much more.

Another important innovation concerns the rreduction of the rate of hallucinations of the model. Claude 2.1 has halved the production of false claims compared to the previous model, Claude 2.0, thus increasing trust and reliability in business use. This progress is the result of thorough testing and rigorous methodology, which have allowed Greatly improve honesty and understanding of the model, especially in relation to long and complex documents.

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Claude 2.1 also stands out as new functionality "tool Use", still in beta phase. This feature allows the model to integrate with existing processes, products and APIs of users, improving interoperability and usefulness in daily operations. Possible applications include complex numerical computation (which ChatGPT fails if it is not given preparatory prompts), translating natural language requests into structured API calls, database searching, and using web search APIs. , as well as simple interactions with software via private APIs.

Finally, improving the developer experience is critical. With the new Console interface and Workbench, developers can test and iterate prompts in a playground-like environment, thus optimizing Claude's behavior. New template settings and the ability to generate code snippets to use prompts directly in SDKs provide greater flexibility and efficiency.

Sadly, Claude from Anthropic it is not yet usable in Italy except through the use of a VPN.

Gianluca Cobucci
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