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Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Pro on offer at € 63 priority shipping included!

The Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Pro is a significant evolution in Xiaomi's fitness tracker series. This model boasts several features and improvements over its predecessors, making it an attractive wearable for both fitness enthusiasts and the average user. Here are some of its main features:

  1. Design and Display: The Mi Band 8 Pro is slightly heavier and larger than the Smart Band 7 Pro. It features a 1,74-inch AMOLED screen, larger than the 1,64-inch display on the Smart Band 7 Pro. The weight is 38,5. 31,2 grams, compared to XNUMX grams of the previous model.
  2. Style Variation: Unlike the previous model which maintained a single band style, the Mi Band 8 Pro offers a variety of style options. It can also be worn as a pendant or attached to shoelaces, offering greater versatility in how it is worn.
  3. Water resistance: The Mi Band 8 Pro has 5ATM water resistance, which allows it to resist up to 50 meters of depth. This makes it suitable for use in various activities, including intense workouts and exposure to rain and splashes.
  4. Health and Fitness Tracking Features: The Mi Band 8 Pro comes with several health monitoring features, including continuous heart rate tracking, monitoring blood oxygen (SpO2) levels, stress analysis, and special training modes for women .
  5. Additional Functions: In addition to its fitness and health features, the Mi Band 8 Pro features GPS, over 150 sports modes, NFC, and 5ATM water resistance. These features make it a versatile tool not only for tracking physical activity but also for browsing and wireless payments.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Pro stands out with its improved display, increased water resistance, versatility in style, and advanced health and fitness tracking features, making it an attractive choice for a wide range of users.

The lowest price for the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Pro

63€ 120€
🇨🇳 Priority Shipping Included (NO Customs)

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Pro

75€ 120€
🇨🇳 Priority Shipping Included (NO Customs)

Technical Sheet

GeneralBrand: Xiaomi
Model: Mi Band 8 Pro
Color: Grey
Hardware specificationsBluetooth version: 5.3
Water resistance: 5 ATM
System requirements: Android 6.0, iOS 12.0 and above
Sensor: acceleration sensor, gyroscope sensor, optical heart rate sensor and oximeter, ambient light sensor
FunctionsHealth monitoring: heart rate, blood oxygen
Other functions: support GNSS, NFC
ScreenScreen: AMOLED colorful screen
Screen size: 1,74"
Operating mode: Touch screen
BatteryBattery capacity: 289 mAh
Charging time: about 80 minutes
MaterialCase material: high strength polymer fiber + NCVM
Band length: 135-210mm
Band material: TPU
APP/LanguageSmartband Support Language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
Weight and sizePackage weight: 22,5 g
Package dimensions: 46 x 33,35 x 9,99 mm
Package Contents1 Mi Band 8 Pro smart bracelet,
1 charging cable,
1 Chinese user manual

Comparison and differences between Mi Band 8 VS Mi Band 8 Pro

Comparing Xiaomi's Mi Band 8 and Mi Band 8 Pro offers an interesting insight into how small improvements can make a big difference in terms of functionality and user comfort. Here is a detailed comparison between these two models:

Design and Display

  • Mi Band 8: Features a 1,62-inch AMOLED display. The design is more compact and lightweight, making it ideal for those looking for a less bulky fitness tracker.
  • Mi Band 8 Pro: It has a slightly larger 1,74-inch screen, offering a better viewing experience. It's slightly heavier and larger, which could be a plus for those who prefer larger screens.

Style and Personalization

  • Mi Band 8: Offers the ability to change the strap with various options, including wearing it as a pendant or attaching it to shoelaces.
  • Mi Band 8 Pro: There is no specific information on its versatility in terms of style compared to the standard model, but usually, Pro models tend to offer similar or improved customization options.

Water resistance

  • Mi Band 8: The water resistance of this model is not specified, but Mi Bands generally have good resistance to splashes and sweat.
  • Mi Band 8 Pro: Features 5ATM water resistance, making it suitable for diving up to 50 meters. This makes it ideal for swimmers and for use in adverse weather conditions.

Health and Fitness Features

  • Mi Band 8: Offers standard health monitoring features such as heart rate tracking and sleep analysis.
  • Mi Band 8 Pro: Introduces advanced health monitoring with features such as continuous heart rate tracking, blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring, and stress analysis. It also includes over 150 sports modes, making it more versatile for active users.

Additional Features

  • Mi Band 8: Focuses more on the basic functions of a fitness tracker.
  • Mi Band 8 Pro: Adds features like built-in GPS, NFC for wireless payments, and a greater variety of sports modes, making it more suitable for versatile use and users who require additional features beyond physical activity tracking.


The choice between the Mi Band 8 and the Mi Band 8 Pro depends on the user's personal needs. If you're looking for a lighter, less bulky device with basic features, the Mi Band 8 is ideal. On the other hand, for those who want advanced health monitoring features, increased water resistance, and additional features like GPS and NFC, the Mi Band 8 Pro is the most suitable choice.

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