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Amazon suspends sales of Fire Tablets in Italy: do the explanations convince users?

In a recent business move that has aroused curiosity, Amazon has decided to suspend sales of its Fire range tablets in Italy. This decision, which should follow a similar strategy also adopted in France and Spain, raises questions about the reasons behind this choice and the future of these devices in Europe. The details, however, remain uncertain.

Amazon Fire Tablet away from Italy: why this choice?

Amazon recently announced the suspension of sales of Fire tablets in Italy, a move that generated surprise and speculation. According to reported da SmartWorld, this decision was confirmed by the company, but without providing detailed explanations. Italian consumers can still continue to use the Amazon Fire Tablets already purchased Rely on customer support for several years to come.

The latest model launched from the range Fire is the Max 11, presented last May, but which never reached the Italian market. The most recent available in Italy it was the Fire 8 HD, sold from €115 until October last year. Currently, this model is no longer available in Italy, as well as in Spain and France, while it remains purchasable in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Hands holding an amazon fire tablet with the Amazon shopping logo on a black screen

This suspension could be interpreted as a reaction to the decline in demand for tablets in the post-pandemic period, a trend that may have negatively affected Fire sales more than Amazon expected. Although the company talks about a “break" in sales, the situation seems to be closer to a strategic retreat, especially in light of the lack of other obvious reasons that could justify such a decision.

It `s important to note that Amazon has pledged to provide after-sales service for "years", although exactly how long that means hasn't been specified. While consumers await further updates, the hope remains that the Fire tablet may one day return to the Italian market, perhaps with new features and an updated operating system.

Gianluca Cobucci
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