Offer - Vacuum cleaner laser robot washes floors 360 S7 at 343 € Warranty 2 Years Europe

The panorama of robot washes floors is enriched with another really interesting product, with a very high quality / price ratio. We are talking about the 360 S7.
With this device you will say goodbye to the tedious and tiring practice of cleaning and washing your floor, in fact all this will be performed (quickly and above all quietly) by your new robot. We specified silent because the S7 is among the least noisy models on the market. Naturally you will have, in real time, all the details of the work through a dedicated application.

Here are the detailed technical features

Key Features:
● LDS Lidar and SLAM algorithm planning the most intelligent and efficient cleaning routes
● Possibility to clean and clean restricted access areas manually by application
● Voice control via Alexa, easy to interact with your robot vacuum cleaner
● Intelligent water tank, water flows slowly and evenly over the cleaning pad and stops when cleaning stops, does not leave water stains on the floor
● Intelligent room identification, users can customize cleaning specifically for the living room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, etc.
● 3 cleaning mode: silent, automatic, max, max 2000Pa suction, max noise 65dB
● Carpet Recognition: automatically switches to the maximum mode with 2000Pa suction power for deep cleaning
● Self-adjusting main brush to handle uneven surfaces with greater flexibility
● Automatic recharge and recovery, back to the charging base when the autonomy is less than 20 percent, after being completely recharged the cleaning task is not completed automatically
● LED control panel button: normal blue light display, red light error display
● The international version package includes the European, American, Korean, British and Australian power adapter

Technical specifications:
APP name: 360 Smart
Battery capacity: 3200mAh

General Brand Name: 360
Model: S7
Cleaning type: Vacuum cleaner Wash the floors
Remote control: yes
LCD display: yes
Auto Charge: yes
Virtual Wall: yes
Climbing: 20 mm
Cleaning Mode: Planning via app
Cleaning Area: 80 -100m2
Floor types: Carpet, Ceramic tiles, Marble floor, Shag carpet, Ceramic floor, Wood floor
Water Tank Capacity: 150ml
Noise level (dB): ≤ 65db
Power (W): 22.8W
Recharge Time: 3 hours
Battery life: automatic mode of approximately 80 - 120 minutes and the mode with maximum power is approximately 50 minutes
Working Temperature: 10 to 45 Degrees Celsius
Working Humidity: 20 - 90 percent
Dimensions and weight Product Weight: 3,8000 kg
Package weight: 7,2700 kg
Product measurements (W x D x H): 35,00 x 35,00 x 10,00 cm / 13,78 x 13,78 x 3,94 inches
Package Format (W x D x H): 53.30 x 43.50 x 16.90 cm / 20.98 x 17.13 x 6.65 inches
Content of the package Main material: 1 x floor washing robot, 1 side brush, 1 x rag, 1 x EPA - 12, 1 x cleaning brush, 1 charging stand, 5 x charging adapter, 1 x storage tank water, 1 x English manual

The younger brother is also available S6!

All offers for Robot 360 S7 / S6

-23% Offer - Vacuum cleaner laser robot washes floors 360 S7 at 343 € Warranty 2 Years Europe

Vacuum cleaner laser robot washes floors S7 360

🇨🇳 Priority Line Delivery (Delivery 10-15gg, NO customs) ✈

337 € 439 €

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GB 360S7
-37% Offer - Vacuum cleaner laser robot washes floors 360 S7 at 343 € Warranty 2 Years Europe

Vacuum cleaner laser robot washes floors S6 360

🇨🇳 Priority Line Delivery (Delivery 10-15gg, NO customs) ✈

252 € 400 €

-35% Offer - Vacuum cleaner laser robot washes floors 360 S7 at 343 € Warranty 2 Years Europe

Vacuum cleaner laser robot washes floors S5 360

🇨🇳 Priority Line Delivery (Delivery 10-15gg, NO customs) ✈

228 € 349 €

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It is not compatible with Alexa in Italy.

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But the S6 mentioned in the offers is not the Roborock S6 which is managed by the Xiaomi Mi Home app. It seems to me that it is something else or is it wrong?

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Technically this should be better than the S50? But why is it cheaper?

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