Discount Code - All Xiaomi sneakers on offer (updated today 16 September)

Xiaomi doesn't miss a beat even in the wearable market! And we're not just talking about headphones, smartwatches, in short, Hi Tech products. In fact, even sportswear is certainly an important segment of our beloved brand.

In this article we will highlight all the offers for the beautiful Xiaomi / Mijia sneakers. From personal experience I can tell you that the numbers tend to be similar to the sneakers I normally use, but being very enveloping, even half a number more will not be a problem.

But no more talk, here are the best offers:

Updated today 16 September

👟 Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 4 at 42 €
💰 Coupon: BgMIJIA915
Shop➡https: //xiaomi.today/3izv7zu

Updated today 09 September

👟 Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 3
💰 Flash price: 39 €

👟 Xiaomi FREETIE Sneakers Men Light Sport Running Shoes at 20 €
💰 Coupon: BGFREE09
Buy➡https: //xiaomi.today/3kR4nfk

Updated today 07 September

👟 FREETIE Antibacterial Waterproof Men's Sneakers From XIAOMI Youpin for 20 €
💰 Coupon: BGXMFT35

👟 Year with Fly Knits Men Sneakers From Xiaomi Youpin
💰 Flash price: 48 €

Updated April 10 today

👟 FREETIE Men Sneakers Ultralight Breathable Soft Sport Running Shoes at 23 €
💰 Coupon: BGFT5W

👟MAISHI Leather Chelsea Boots From Xiaomi Youpin
💰 Flash price: 61 €
Compra➡https: //xiaomi.today/2ETKOiI

👟TENGOO Fly Knit Men Sneakers
💰 Flash price: 37 €
Compra➡https: //xiaomi.today/37gsJrI

Updated today February 20

UNYUNCOO Ultralight Men Sneakers From Xiaomi Youpin to 21 €
On Coupon: BGYC3RMS

Updated today February 18

👟 Xiaomi FREETIE Men's Sneakers Ultralight High Elastic Running Shoes at 21 €
On Coupon: BGFT7USE
Shop➡https: //xiaomi.today/39I7tMl

Updated today 21 January

👟 YUNCOO Honeycomb I Gen Men Sneakers From Xiaomi Youpin to 20 €

On Coupon: BGYCH220SF
Compra➡https: //xiaomi.today/36ky945

Updated 25 December today

👟 Xiaomi FREETIE SANDALS Summer Men Multiple Adjustable EVA Sole for 16 €
On Coupon: BGFTSA17

👟 Xiaomi MAISHI Leather Chelsea Boots Winter Warm Shoes a 40€
On Coupon: BGMS49H

Updated 10 December today

👟 Xiaomi FREETIE Fly Knit Men Sneakers at 22 €
On Coupon: BG6FKT (Out Of Stock)

👟 Xiaomi Youpin RAX Men Sneakers
💰 Flash price: 49 €

👟 NEXTSHOES Thicken PU Sun Reflective Lightweight Men Sneakers From Xiaomi Youpin
💰 Flash price: 45 €

👟 90FUN ETPU Shock Absorption Men Sneakers From Xiaomi Youpin to 36 €
On Coupon: BG90FR3

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9 months ago

yes but max number 44, I'm 46!

11 months ago

Hi, but these are the ones with the chip inside ?? thanks

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