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Official: Disney + free, but with ads

A few days ago we addressed the question of the possible Disney + price increase. Subscriptions, at least in the United States, are going towards a progressive increase in economic terms. That was to be expected though, considering the very high quality of streaming and TV series present on the platform. But what if the trend is reversed? How? With adding advertising which would thus decrease the prices of subscriptions.


Disney + subscriptions may be cheaper in the future, contrary to what we thought, but there will be ads too

According to what emerged from a report recently published, it seems that the upper echelons of Disney + are considering a somewhat tempting hypothesis. Instead of raise prices of Disney + subscriptions indiscriminately, it seems that the hypothesis of lower them. But how is this possible? Simple, as the costs of the subscription to the platform decrease we will see increase advertising.

For the moment this news has not been confirmed by the company. It must therefore be emphasized that it is one news leak to be taken with pliers. However, this suggests that there may be possibilities other than simply raising prices. Personally, I would agree to see a TV series with advertisements at the beginning, center or end of the episode. As well as I do it for Spotify.

disney + price increase in sight

Disney + 's budget approaches that of Netflix. Promising more than 100 new titles each year on the platform and pledging to spend by 14 to 16 billion dollars per year for streaming content through its services within the next three years, the two giants are likely to clash in an obvious way. In the end, Bob Chapek, Company CEO said that it's not just about quantity, but also about the quality of the content.

Finally, we remind you that in addition to taking the news with due caution, this type of subscription it may not arrive in Europe and relate only to the United States.


Just a few minutes ago Disney + confirmed that the project is in progress. To be honest there seem to be differences from what we wrote this morning. The plan that includes advertisements will be completely free. The arrival is expected in the United States at the end of 2022 while in the international market (Europe and Italy) in 2023.

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