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Disney +: that's when the subscription with ads will arrive

Although initially there was talk of a free subscription to Disney + but with ads, after some time the company had confirmed that yes there would be gods changes. However, a free plan was never thought of. In fact, in the evening between yesterday and today, the official website Disney confirmed the arrival of the subscription that includes advertising. And no, it's not free. Let's go and see all the information, namely how much it costs and when it arrives.

When does the Disney + subscription arrive with ads? In December, as officially announced by the company yesterday. Here are the news

Before seeing how much it costs and when the Disney + subscription arrives with advertisements, it is necessary to make some premises. First, the debut of the new plan is expected exclusively for the United States this year. As for Europe, however, there will still be some changes (unknown for now) but starting from next year.

disney + price increase in sight

Having said that, let's get to the point. Diensy + with advertisements will officially arrive on December 8th at a price of 7.99$. Note that this price is the same as the current basic subscription. As for the rescheduling of prices, however, the other non-ad subscription will cost $ 10.99.

When the plan is launched, it will have a "lower ad load and frequency to ensure a great experience for viewersDisney CEO Bob Chapek said on the website. According to the reports from the beginning of this year, Disney plans to reduce commercial breaks to four minutes per hour. The company also will not post ads on children's profilesCFO Christine McCarthy said.

Also useful to remember Netflix plans to launch its own ad-supported plan, though the company doesn't plan to launch it until early 2023. 


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