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DJI Mini 3 would bring significant functional and aesthetic changes

A few days ago we broke up with the first specifications of DJI Mini 3, the drone with great performances but with small dimensions. Today we go back to talking about him as new information tells us that the quadcopter could arrive with several new novelties. Some of these are functional, which concern the camera and the arms where the propellers are housed. Basically, if what we see is confirmed, la structure of the drone will change.

Let's go back to talking about the DJI Mini 3, the third generation miniature drone and for the main ones. According to new info it will be decidedly different from previous models

A recent video, shared by longtime DJI tipster DealsDrone e ositaLV, seems to show what will be the "shell", the body to say the least, of the expected DJI Mini 3 drone. resembles what the Mini 3 Pro model depicted immortalized some time ago. All this suggests that the Chinese company will launch two drones that are very similar in appearance but quite different in functionality. That is not what interests us here. In fact we see in what will differ the DJI Mini 3 from its predecessor.

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From this video, one of the most notable design changes can be seen in the brackets for the front arms which look different than the horizontally foldable ones seen on the DJI Mini 2. Furthermore, the battery compartment looks bigger than that of the Mini 2, while the gimbal the mount seems to indicate a camera that can tilt up and down.

In any case, it is no longer a secret that DJI Mini 3 is ready for take off. Consistent with previous rumors suggesting a launch date of April, DJI technical support in China has confirmed that the launch is just around the corner.

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