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The smartwatch market is truly teeming with many models that often don't have important companies behind them, but at least on paper the specifications and promises seem interesting despite a competitive price. Today we are testing the DT88 Max from NO.1, a company that stands out in the panorama of low-cost wearables especially for devices that are often clones of more famous products, but this DT88 Max is different, simpler in its lines and now I'll tell you if it is worth buying in this comprehensive review.

Amoled 1.45 inch touch screen, fashion smartwatch for female, watch for men
31,68€ 35,20€
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The sales package is rather minimal but overall refined, with the image of the product on the front of the box and some key specifications on the various sides. Inside, in addition to the smart watch, we have a quick guide and the charging cable with wireless base, an advantage in some respects, considering that often cheap products offer cables with magnetic attachment by means of pogo-pins, results that are too weak in terms of anchoring. No additional strap or film to protect the display.

But we are interested in the DT88 Max and I must say that the expectations I had on an aesthetic level for this smartwatch were not disappointed, in fact I immediately appreciated the beauty and the glance that the dial of the watch gives us, of circular net of a construction entirely made of plastic but with good resistance to small impacts and scratches. On the right side of the body we have two management buttons, of which the upper one also acts as a digital crown, in order to scroll through the menus without having to touch the display, useful for example if we have sweaty or dirty hands. However, it should be underlined that the scrolling of the crown is not active on all menus, losing its effectiveness in some situations. The rest of the profiles also feature a microphone and speaker, as the watch is able to manage calls and use the virtual assistant of the associated smartphone.

The strap used is made of silicone, soft and comfortable, which uses the quick release system with a 20 mm pitch, so that you can use other straps of your liking. The closure system is made of metal and overall the breathability on the skin is good, as is the wearability in general, counting on a weight contained in just 26,4 grams, while the thickness of the watch is limited to 10,8 mm for a 44×49 mm case. I recommend changing the native strap with others, as it tends to get dirty easily.

The back of the case is made of polycarbonate, where the optical sensor for detecting the heart rate with 24-hour monitoring and the one dedicated to the SpO2 value have been inserted. As regards the measurement made on the spot by the watch, the value returned is rather precise and similar to other higher-end smartwatches and generally considered reliable.

Now we focus on the display, a 1,45-inch circular color touch unit with a 466 x 466 pixel resolution of AMOLED nature whose frames are not among the smallest seen on similar products. The colors are lively, far from dull and visibility under direct sunlight is also guaranteed even at the minimum backlight, which unfortunately can only be set manually as there is no ambient light sensor. Furthermore, the real AOD function is missing, in the sense that the display remains active showing at least the time.

It is also possible to wake up the display with the convenient gesture of the wrist, which is not very reactive and can however be deactivated directly from the watch, in order to avoid the lighthouse effect at night. In terms of customization we can draw on over 100 watchfaces available from the companion app and set one with a photo of our choice, but in any case we do not have active skills to recall functions on the fly.

The examination of the DT88 Max by NO.1 is completed by the presence of IP67 certification which guarantees immersion for approximately half an hour with a maximum depth of one meter. We also have a dual-type Bluetooth 5.0 chip, i.e. direct connection to the smartphone and as a second step the possibility of managing calls from the wrist, with audio suitable for standard situations, but not up to the level of calls on the move and/or in crowded places .

In terms of autonomy, we rely on a 245 mAh battery which recharges wirelessly via a dedicated base in approximately 2 hours. The company guarantees a duration of up to approximately 5 days, exploiting all the potential of the smartwatch, but in reality if you manage to cover 2 days it is already a lot, not to mention that to obtain certain values ​​you will have to limit the experience of use. But the thing that really doesn't sit well with me is that the percentage of remaining charge is only shown in increments (20/40/60/80/100%), so when you see the value of 20% you could actually find yourself in a situation where the real percentage of residual charge is 5%. This means that you could find your watch turned off at any moment.

Even the touch is not always responsive, sometimes "wooden", therefore the user experience becomes really frustrating. In terms of menus and functions offered, don't expect anything special from the DT88 Max: you move with a swipe to access quick functions and toggles while the actual menu offers classic features such as countdown, stopwatch, phone search, do not disturb mode, weather, notifications, daily activity report, sports monitoring, remote photo taking, heart rate measurement, music player and settings etc..

We cannot respond to notifications and for some we can only read the header. We cannot display emojis or anything else while the sports, 150 available including swimming, actually offer only a few metrics as metrics and for some sports they don't even make sense. The step count in general is very erratic, counting false positives in situations such as driving a car etc.. We also do not have the presence of GPS so the reliability of what is monitored on distance and steps is not 100% reliable, on the contrary in general, the daily step count is highly overestimated, even reaching a good 40% more than other smartwatches, always counting false positives. I can already tell you that no firmware update will correct the problems listed, also because every device I have tested from this brand, apart from a first update (perhaps even fake), does not receive any software support.

We therefore come to the application, available for both iOS and Android, namely Wear Pro, through which we should be able to analyze and make some settings. The app is the only thing I'm saving for, even if it's not perfect, it offers interesting functions like a sort of sports tutor, but overall, considering what I've told you so far, without even going into much more detail, I don't feel like continue to give information on a device that I absolutely do not promote. Then there are many fake functions, such as the presence of NFC which only serves to exchange business cards or at most to associate it with the opening of smart doors. Another fake function is the one relating to blood pressure monitoring.

Amoled 1.45 inch touch screen, fashion smartwatch for female, watch for men
31,68€ 35,20€
⚠️ If the coupon has expired, look for the updated one on ours Telegram Channel


In short, DT88 Max NO.1 disappointed in every respect, with the exception of design and comfort on the wrist, but it is not a watch but a smartwatch and all the available functions were found to be imprecise or even not working. Probably at the price at which this device is sold you don't expect a miracle but without a doubt if you are turning to it it is because you are also looking for a minimum of smart functions and in this context I absolutely must not recommend it to you, so you can save the 30 euros or so and go for it eat a pizza with beer, which is perhaps better.

5.7 Total score

DT88 Max No.1 is a smartwatch that entices with its appearance and the many features it comes with as well as a large AMOLED display at a truly affordable price. It's a shame that behind a good look there is an embarrassing situation that not even the worst tarot wearables offer.

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Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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ato great
ato great
3 months ago

Meh!...I don't understand, apart from any advertising revenue, why you still waste time reviewing this useless Chinese rubbish infinitely replicated, always the same, by a plurality of companies....but what do you expect for 30 euros? Well, I'm disconcerted... Xiaomi is rubbish, let alone these unknown ones...