EleXX R9, will have a home multifunction button

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Recently, the new Elephone models S7 and R9 have appeared on the official website of the company and in the first day it seems that the number of reservations has exceeded the threshold of the 50.000 units (today we are above the 100 thousand). Not bad?

Elephone R9


But let's carefully examine the Elephone R9, in particular its Home button that integrates a fingerprint reader inside it. Thanks to E-touch 2.0 technology, with just one touch you can manage much more than you can imagine. In fact, it will be possible to switch from one function to another based on the force used to press the button, making it even more comfortable to use a device with a 5.5-inch screen. A light touch works as a “back” button, a light double touch or a single press will take you to the “Home”. If you press the "Home" key twice we will get to the shortcut panel while a longer press takes you to the "multitasking" panel. Is this enough for you?

Other features of the R9 iPhone

The Home button is protected by a glass cover which should ensure precise and faster recognition via the fingerprint reader. Furthermore, being a glass with a hardness of 6H it is also very resistant and offers great protection, as well as giving the phone a pleasant look.

The R9 Elephone has many other features that make it fascinating like metal backcover, a hello X20 deca-core processor, and very importantly the really low 139.99 $ price making him the best mobile phone for the value for money currently on the market. The R9 Elephant is available in a variety of colors and starts with a 2GB memory of RAM and 16GB for the gold color model, while for the other colors it starts with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of memory. The screen repeat is an 5,5 inch 3D edge, it has a rear camera from 13MP and an 5MP front.

If you want to book an Elephone R9 or an S7 just go to this one link. In addition, those who make the reservation will participate in a draw in which anyone should be able to win something - that is a leather case, a protective film or other unspecified awards. In addition, there will be the possibility of receiving a smartphone for free. If you want to take a closer look at the Elephone R9 you can enjoy the following video:



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