Enabot EBO Air review: the motorized camera with AI

I tried the Enabot EBO Air robot, a useful assistant that can be used in multiple ways, but is primarily designed and equipped with features for Supervise your house and your pet when you are away, making it an ideal candidate as one of the best pet cameras on the market but also as an indoor security camera.

EBO AIR: Technical Specifications

  • Camera quality: 1080p at 30fps with CMOS sensor
  • Field of view: 118 degrees
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Storage Capacity: Supports up to 256GB (includes 32GB MicroSD card)
  • Size: x 9,6 9,6 8,9 cm x
  • Weight: grams 310
  • Charger: Charging stand – 5V at 2A max
  • Battery: 2500mAh, 3,7V
  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU): 9 axis
  • Real-time transmission: 480p at 30fps
  • Speed: 1M/S
  • CPU: Dual ARM A7@1GHz
  • What's in the box?: The EBO Air device, charging station and plug, User manual, MicroSD card (in the device), Colorful silicone pet feathers.

EBO AIR: Main features

As mentioned in the introduction, the Enabot EBO Air is primarily intended for use as a home security camera, with features designed specifically for tracking and interacting with pets. This small device will quickly become a member of your family and part of your daily routine in monitoring your home while you are away, offering comprehensive mobile home monitoring.

EBO is equipped with a very silent brushless motor that is able to overcome even small obstacles such as low carpets. Two-way communication offers a real-time audio transmission so that you can talk to your pet or family through the app by pressing the microphone button, and also listen to what is happening in the room.

Ebo Air motorized tracks

The integrated EBO app is the only way to control and manage the device, but it offers a fun interface that allows you to customize every aspect of EBO Air's configuration and functionality, change the custom task list and select an operation mode such as Pet or Random mode.

eBo Air interface

The EBO Air is the same fun to check out when you're at home, as well as when you are away from home, and the device can be programmed via the app for set reminders that EBO can announce (in English only) how to drink water or not miss an important meeting. Can also perform tricks assorted with a tap of the button like frantically spinning in circles and a sequence the app calls moonwalk, where the robot will move back and forth.

The Enabot EBO Air is different from its smaller brother EBO SE which is quite cheaper, as it has AI features such as pet tracking recognition and resume function, Besides an infrared laser and Anti-fall functionality which can prevent the device from rolling off high surfaces, countertops or even stairs.

eBo Air laser cat

The EBO Air has its own little personality and is capable of performing fun tricks when required, using even its laser function to entertain your cat, and will also learn over time by using its AI to recognize and interact with pets and familiar faces in the home to determine who and what is not considered a stranger or a security threat to your household, with an alarm and a push notification sent to your phone if it detects something strange.

The infrared camera for night vision is of excellent quality, and EBO's security features may allow you to program it for go around independently at home at the times you choose during the day or night. However, it is important to note that EBO has its own hours of operation which it calls 'Hours of Operation' which run from 8am to 00pm and then from 12pm to 00pm.

these Hours of operation are fixed and cannot be changed, so your EBO Air will not patrol outside of this time frame unless controlled or activated remotely from the app. It is an incomprehensible limit but set to prevent it from disturbing at night.

Other interesting and noteworthy features of the EBO Air include its ability to capture your own shots, microphone and audio systems that encourage and aid two-way audio communications, and its Fantastic ability to recharge itself navigating to the charging dock as long as it is in a not too remote area of ​​the house.

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EBO AIR: Design and construction quality

Ebo Air front view

The ball-and-socket design of the EBO Air is very useful and allows the device to reposition itself when it tips over and move around your home during patrols without hitting objects or falling.

EBO Air is smooth and elegant and it is undoubtedly very solid given that it has withstood the impacts of my dogs and my tests over the past few days.

Il display is interactive with a heart-shaped symbol that changes color and can communicate the EBO's charge level, Wi-Fi connectivity and general functionality. The camera lens is integrated with the display and can be easily wiped and cleaned in case it is licked by your pet or is fogged up by fingerprints.

A logo very similar to that of Instagram appears and then disappears, the meaning of which I didn't understand.

The EBO Air comes with a 32GB MicroSD card which is not so obvious to find included. The images captured by EBO are saved directly to the internal memory of the SD card or can then be transferred directly to the phone gallery as we wish.

Ebo Air feathers for playing

Included with the EBO Air is a set of silicone feathers which can be easily attached on the top of EBO through a small hole, and are bound to intrigue your pet to play with the feather on top of the device and interact with EBO.

EBO AIR: Performance

EBO Air is completely controlled via your smartphone and its app, there are no controls on the robot and not even an auxiliary remote control. It is normal for this to be the case because it is a sophisticated product that needs an elaborate interface. The application is available for both Android is Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),.

The connectivity of the EBO Air works perfectly when connected to a stable Wi-Fi network, they are supported both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks. Both control and video transmission are highly influenced by signal quality: since that of the robot is not high, make sure you have good local connectivity to fully enjoy it.

Ebo Air video quality

La image quality produced by EBO is excellent even when watching in real time and surpasses that of the vast majority of average security cameras. The camera for night vision it also produced excellent results, even when used in total darkness or under furniture.

Same to you the audio quality The speaker and microphone are of a good standard and allow you to both clearly hear what is happening in the room and start a remote conversation with humans and animals.

EBO AIR: Final Opinions

EBO Air was exactly what I was looking for to monitor my animals remotely without knowing such a camera existed.

The build and image quality are excellent. The operation easy and immediate allows all members of the family to use it.

There are many functions available and perhaps not all of them are useful for everyone. Certainly video surveillance and AI for animal detection they are the ones that surprised me the most and I used.

Instead, the part of interacting and playing with the animals, after the initial enthusiasm, has waned a little. These are extra features that I wouldn't base my choice on.

The price of €229 on Amazon and on Official site it is largely justified by the excellent quality of the product and the advanced AI functions. If you are looking for something simpler, also consider its younger brother Enabot EBO SE which has no AI functions but costs almost half as much.

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8.5 Total score
Enabot EBO Air

Enabot EBO Air is a motorized surveillance camera that patrols your home and interacts with your animals with AI

  • Video quality
  • AI recognizes people and animals
  • Remote control
  • Autonomous surveillance
  • Need strong and stable Wifi signal
  • Size not suitable for large dogs
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